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dclxvi616 t1_je2dlav wrote

No review for the attorney because they issued a cease and desist.


beatriceenjoyer t1_je2f6sp wrote

Why the beef censored tho


kate313 OP t1_je2hel2 wrote

Cause it's nsfw hahaha jk. I was just being extra cautious with identifiable info in case it's a unique dish name.


TheIndieArmy t1_je2tmya wrote

I get that, but if we don't know what the dish is how we suppose to determine if the rock was intended or not? If you ordered Beef Rockefeller...well then...that changes things now, doesn't it?


ghayyal t1_je3x0v4 wrote

It must be a bone, not rock of strictly speaking about beef.


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moshaq t1_je95o6f wrote

  1. It was likely a bone.
  2. How is he regrowing a part of his tooth?