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TheBigLebroccoli t1_jectxba wrote

Pick up a set of rainbow markers and fill that flag in.


PoyGuiMogul t1_jed0hla wrote

" Then you're probably an artist bothered by the negative space. "


Useful-Plan8239 t1_jed5bbs wrote

His white flag of surrender does not offend me at all.


LeTouatteRatte t1_jecokva wrote

If you are offended by this flag, then I have nothing to write to you and I will leave a blank space to let you know.


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Beautiful_Car_3079 t1_jecr7yq wrote

It’s the Alaskan flag. A polar bear in a blizzard

Fun fact- polar bears fur is see through. Their skin is black. 🤔


assgasm2 t1_jeeiw52 wrote

Obviously it’s: If(this flag offends you) {pass;}


mr_britten t1_jeglvz6 wrote

Sticker made in America?