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MajestyMather t1_jdwbgtp wrote

No nose... Noodles arms... They must've evolved from Slender Man... So yes that's what French people look like


Ajxyn OP t1_jdwc9mv wrote

Don’t forget the ability to stand on the thinnest heels I have ever seen!


MajestyMather t1_jdwchmc wrote

Oh yeah the needle heels, can't put even a little bit of pressure on those otherwise theyre going straight through


MegaWaffle- t1_jdwd608 wrote

Are we sure those are shoes?


MajestyMather t1_jdxecrj wrote

Nah its a modern take on a medieval torture device, now they label it as fashion


OldBob10 t1_jdzy3lh wrote

They’re actually the well-known French fighting heels. Developed during the Napoleonic era, they were an infantry weapon which were much feared by the enemies of the First Empire. Sadly, the epidemic of sprained ankles caused by their usage by under-trained troops mitigated much of their effectiveness, and the failure of the charge of the Old Guard at the Battle of Waterloo, widely thought to have been caused by the use of these shoes, put the final nail in the coffin of this technology.


BerriesAndMe t1_jdxdy1s wrote

Well at least one shoe has a heel.. The other I'm not so sure.


Vancouwer t1_jdyu4na wrote

Evolution trait from reaching for cigarettes and waving baguettes around.


Hannibal_Barca_ t1_jdxdkq3 wrote

For those who don't speak French she is essentially saying "don't extend your arm beyond your sleeve".

I think the picture is meant to really exaggerate this action to help people learning the language what is meant in the sentence.


RandomRobot t1_jdy3d8m wrote

I've never heard anyone saying something remotely close to that in any language.

Does this make any sense to you?

It feels like it was taken from something like a Turkish to Greek learning book, then adapted to English and used in a French tutorial later on


Max_Thunder t1_jdygrok wrote

I speak French and can confirm that speaking French doesn't allow people to make their arm longer in a way that you could extend it beyond your sleeve.

The sentence makes no sense, but somehow it fits the drawn character with their ridiculously long arms. Maybe it's humor?


Hannibal_Barca_ t1_jdyk5vd wrote

I think its just a vocabulary book for beginners. If you take the sentence from the perspective of learning a new language there are a few complexities in it.

  1. "allonge" aka extend is semi beginner word because of how verbs work in french
  2. the "n'" then "pas" is part of how a negative is presented in the language
  3. au-dela is... in french there are more specific terms for what the subject and object is and what people are pointing at/referring to.

It's constructed for pedagogic reasons.


Ryth88 t1_jdwdkel wrote

Your standard Quebecois queen.


gordielaboom t1_jdwic8u wrote

My mother is Acadian and could smack me from a room away, so I’d agree.


54_actual t1_jdwvx09 wrote

actually, she's a special agent for the gendarmerie nationale, the long arm of french law enforcement.



structuredchronicles t1_jdx0q9b wrote

Is that Mike Wazowski's mom?


cheese120_ t1_jdxaey1 wrote

Mike Wazowski's mom has actually been shown and she looks just like Mike except she's an old lady. I believe she was shown in some bonus thing on the Monsters Inc dvd.


raflov16 t1_jdxnd0p wrote

Was she in The Oblongs? If not, she definitely belongs there


Asio0tus t1_jdwc9m5 wrote

1 for 1 yes, why?


ComposerNo5151 t1_jdwn7ce wrote

Only the ones who can stretch their arms out of their sleeves.


Alarmed-Web-916 t1_jdwucyu wrote

Voldemort was French?


Anathema_Quill t1_jdxi6ue wrote

he name actually means « flight from death » in french, which i think is pretty cool!


Alarmed-Web-916 t1_jdxiy2f wrote

Interesting ! So I guess the word play wasn’t as much of an issue in the French translation (Tom marvolo riddle = I am lord voldemort”)


TaranisPT t1_jdy0rc8 wrote

They changed his name completely in French to Tom Elvis Jedusor, so the anagram becomes "Je suis Voldemort", which translates to "I am Voldemort".


Historical_Sugar9637 t1_jdwv9et wrote

Only whenever you have your back turned to them O_O
It's the reason why you have to carry a mirror when travelling to France


Desrac t1_jdx6uts wrote

I think I have that book.

Off screen, you're asked to translate the phrase "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtgan".


HelixDraxzonyx t1_jdy90m0 wrote

La Slendermadamoiselle, I believe that is.


Golfer119 t1_jdwdbw0 wrote

It’s so she can access the Internet in the UK (a reference to British YouTuber and Comedian Jay Foreman and the ad read at the end of his “What Happened to Old London Bridge?” video).


demilitarizdsm t1_jdwmsoh wrote

Honestly it doesn't matter because that is indeed how they speak,


echocomplex t1_jdwvnjp wrote

Looks like something from parasite eve.


SecondChance03 t1_jdx2bii wrote

Its so they can raise white flags really high for everyone to see


BiggusDiccoos t1_jdx2mse wrote

It’s ok I studied french at school 🏫

Baguette baguette! Surrender!


Allenpoe30 t1_jdx52m3 wrote

I knew it! The cheese and wine aliens have revealed themselves!


ocbro99 t1_jdx6gkg wrote

That’s Pleakley


RyanM1977 t1_jdx7g7p wrote

Damn I bet her finger game is strong.


Alderan922 t1_jdx7p49 wrote

Yes, French is riddled with cyclops with a long right hand claw and extremely sharp needle shows


GuNNzA69 t1_jdx7vng wrote

Yep, that seems to be a very accurate representation of a french person, to me!


jboneng t1_jdxcxy3 wrote

nah it is just the classic french cyclops-slenderman stereotype.


Shaman7102 t1_jdxj8ya wrote

If you wear the appropriate glasses and stop drinking the drugged water u will see the truth.


Nimyron t1_jdxkwsn wrote

Alright I'm french how do I do that ? I wanna grab a beer from the fridge without moving my ass please someone teach me


TommyTuttle t1_jdxtb4c wrote

She is expressly telling you not to do that. Now please keep your arm at the correct length. Thank you.


Nimyron t1_jdxy87z wrote

Ah yes indeed, so I must find a way to extend my sleeve as well...


TommyTuttle t1_jdybx6i wrote

There you go. Some Lycra sleeves will stretch nicely, without technically disobeying the noseless cyclops.


Eat-The-Beanz t1_jdxlbfi wrote

No wonder why they have weird accents


Hot_Season_886 t1_jdxn46j wrote

Please let me sew buttons on your eyes...


sharksnut t1_jdxnmvg wrote

They look like Canadians except with flat-front faces instead of flappy heads


PRSHZ t1_jdxvib0 wrote

Heels from the future, two piece summer heels.


ClnHogan17 t1_jdxyvfq wrote

Just like this except French people all have exquisite noses built for the smelling of wine.


militoni t1_jdy0r8i wrote

Don't be absurd. Of course not...that is not until they add one or more of the trademark French items like a beret, baguette, ou a cigarette.


jl_theprofessor t1_jdy124f wrote

All the French girls I dated had only a single gigantic eye on the side of their head.


Brandanp t1_jdy2dyz wrote

What happened to the skinny noses of Vallette et Vallette?


Nova17Delta t1_jdy5nx0 wrote

french person reaching out at me

#Pas d'échappatoire! :)


The_Lizard43 t1_jdy70cy wrote

The damn French, always trying to be a demon


datdoofus1 t1_jdy97hs wrote

lmao i have the same d’accord books, they’re a bit goofy at times


figjammy t1_jdyjzjc wrote

Yes, I’ve seen one and that’s what they look like.


Bartinhoooo t1_jdz0xnd wrote

If you got that far in your french book you’d probably already figured it out by yourself


Bartinhoooo t1_jdz0ycg wrote

If you got that far in your french book you’d probably already figured it out by yourself


BonjinTheMark t1_jdz1crv wrote

Cruella DeVille? Yes, yes they do. Esp in the snobby region


Smellthiel t1_jdz43vg wrote

i would honestly say that a french person is a caricature of this drawing


JoeyMg99 t1_jdz6c6p wrote

Warframe reference?


Nutmegdog1959 t1_jdz9azo wrote

Just her Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama.


FamilyofBears t1_jdzfnvp wrote

She could touch her toes without bending down.


th3h4ck3r t1_jdzhc1w wrote

I remember that book from my high school days xd


janoscho_o t1_jdzhm9k wrote

Thats french people at level one, once you go deeper you'll find higher level french people


urlocaldumbass24 t1_jdzhsva wrote

I don’t speak French but I’m assuming she’s asking where the rusted spoons are


Hafling3r35 t1_jdzkfap wrote

French here, she totally look like my communication teacher


geeksluut t1_jdzqs3m wrote

From those chic shoes yeah she’s French.


McBooley t1_jdzws4l wrote

So Slenderman is French?


OldBob10 t1_jdzx8hy wrote

Yes, this looks exactly like all French people. Blonde hair, red blouses, lavender skirts, and matching heels. Even the men.


mtutty t1_jdzy803 wrote

We remember the Free-man. We are coterminous.


Shan-Chat t1_je00i1r wrote

Looks like Eddie Izzard.


WebSmurf t1_je022kj wrote

I mean, the arms seem a bit stubby but, other than that, I’d say it’s a decent portrayal.


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Madrasthebald t1_jdwlbt4 wrote

how do you say "Come here!" in French (mortal kombat style)?


kustombart t1_je4ac6k wrote

Long lost cousin of Leila from Futurama..?


Slovieer t1_je4b77x wrote

Ah, inspired by Ito I see.


Aioros_Y t1_jdwka1k wrote

If you could read French you would notice it's illustrating a common saying.