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Razrwyre t1_jeb9t2m wrote

Sometimes that's done on purpose. It draws your eyes, and hooks you into a conversation when you go point it out...


moogoothegreat t1_jebwgs8 wrote

Reddit has poisoned our minds...


AccountKeep t1_jeee704 wrote

It's a competition to poison minds even. Has been for a long time.


nhs2uf t1_jec0ytq wrote

This is the official slogan, spelled correctly though....


Void11doiV t1_jeclase wrote

"Haha you know you spelled that wrong don't you?"

"Well what do you know, I did. Well hey while I got you here, buy our shit."


AiLover2322 t1_jedgomp wrote

"no I don't trust you because you clearly have shit quality control. at least your competitors can spell correctly"


NotTakenName1 t1_jee83nr wrote

>"no I don't trust you because you clearly have shit quality control. at least your competitors can spell correctly"

Exactly, i can't take you serious anymore with that. Especially with a sentence like that


kuurtjes t1_jec0evb wrote

The only conversation this creates is "how much oil companies do rigth /s"


thieh t1_jebax22 wrote

Oil conference -> rigs -> rig-th (Biblical verb suffixes)


MonKeePuzzle t1_jebd1xj wrote

and thou shalst extractith the oil


butters1337 t1_jecnkyw wrote

Or they are owned by Mike Tyson and just didn’t have the stones to talk back to him.


Professional_Sea3141 t1_jebazjj wrote

looks like the sign worked


that_yeg_guy t1_jec7pve wrote

Catching attention and getting business are two VERY different things.

The crazy drunk guy yelling at his invisible demons on the train catches my attention. But I’m not going to hire him for anything.


jizzlevania t1_jed3id1 wrote

My stepdad owned his own auto shop in a small town. A guy in town was starting his own business publishing a free countertop periodical that makes its money through local advertisements. My stepdad agreed to advertise with him on the condition he print the ad upside down. After no one came into the shop and mentioned the ad after a few months or so, he canceled the ad space.

He wasn't sure if maybe it being upside down turned people off, but regulars never mentioned it which meant he knew his target demographic didn't read the publication. Many people who are regulars at shops looooove jib jabbing with their mechanic


SynisterJeff t1_jeesbfp wrote

They're an oil company at some kind of convention. They are trying to catch the attention of multi million/billion dollar businesses to buy their machinery, and it seems to me those kinds of people like stupid things and/or make stupid decisions, so seems pretty on point to me to attract them haha


KonigSteve t1_jed1znu wrote

You're not catching the right kind of attention for surveying if that's the way you're doing it


verbalyabusiveshit t1_jebkawj wrote

Zoomed in to see that massive plug. You need a lot of oil to make that one slip


Rockky67 t1_jeb7ub7 wrote

Something appears to have gone wrogn. I guess they were all too coked up to notice.


leckmir t1_jebb4av wrote

They did not plan ahea



DMurBOOBS-I-Dare-You t1_jecefiy wrote

The urban dicthionary makth thith a very dark methage, indeed ...


I-suck-at-golf t1_jec7yq8 wrote

“Mike Tyson, how does it have to be?”

“Has to be rigs!!”


Aromatic_Ad8890 t1_jebcq3q wrote

And you’re not going to tell me which company’s booth that is…? 😐


DewRat t1_jebn6uq wrote

Leica Geosystems


FritzGetTheStickz t1_jeck8u4 wrote

Oh Christ of course it is. How is it this one obscure company keeps popping up every few months in the worst ways 🪼


funwithdesign t1_jebd6ac wrote

Working on an oil rigth is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Baziki t1_jec12s3 wrote

Rigth and beanth


yojick t1_jec54bw wrote

No ragrets!


Tallguystillhere t1_jecdjp9 wrote

I see what they did three! But that's pretty rigth no, don't you kinth?


CoolTemperature1602 t1_jecqm96 wrote

Oil conference, oil rigth? Probably talking about a bunch of oil rigth and not just one.

Theriously though, the things people get bent out of thape about 🙄


macbot3000 t1_jecw09i wrote

When it has to be rigth - Fred Rigth Civil Engineering


ZorroMeansFox t1_jecyqx4 wrote

That's a brilliant extension of the effect which is seen in Cunningham's Law.


Giraf123 t1_jedu8c4 wrote

Reminds me of a homepage I stumbled upon recently. A big energy solutions company. In the "about us" section, they wrote (in my native language):

"When you chose us as partners, you will be sure that everything is done to the highest standart".


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PissedOffDog t1_jebpf34 wrote

definition of rigth

When a lisp-ridden individual commits horrible crimes of passion.


NotARobotDefACyborg t1_jebzby7 wrote

Rigth here, rigth now, there is no other place I'd rather be...


ccc2801 t1_jec3sg8 wrote



Dickpuncher_Dan t1_jec4zss wrote

Best tramp-stamp I ever saw: "Only God Can Juge Me"


Guyincognito4269 t1_jec54fg wrote

Can't run an oil infrastructure on just one rig, you need multiple rigth.


neonphoenix09 t1_jec67mq wrote

"Graphic designer? Lol, no. My nephew knows computers"


mypreciousss4 t1_jeck46n wrote

I think they forgot an e... But some one still has to explain what rigeth means.


dlxw t1_jecllwm wrote

Why do we keep having oil spills?


SynthSwanOG t1_jecna7u wrote

Has Engineering degree but can’t spell 🤔


smooze420 t1_jecoguw wrote

Mike Tyson Presents:


rafedbadru t1_jecq555 wrote

What’s an oil conference about?


RequiemStorm t1_jecrlui wrote

Hopefully it's just an oil rig pun lol


3DGuy2020 t1_jecurlp wrote

An oil conference? Holy shit! As an olive oil lover, I need to attend the next one!!!


makenzie71 t1_jecvvwk wrote

They do that on purpose. Not only did it get your attention, but you just did a ton of free advertising for them. It's like when they write SOTP at intersections. You see it better when it's wrong. It's like that saying about how the best way to get the right answer to a problem is to post the wrong one in public.


dryskin12 t1_jecw9n9 wrote

Looks a like a talking point or a way to grab attention. Just being hopeful😂


AlexDeLotl t1_jecxb4v wrote

The customer's always rigth! 🤓


pac-men t1_jeczi7e wrote

Jhonny Peralta has entered the chat.


Erick2142 t1_jed02fi wrote

So I noticed his right arm a lot bigger and then noticed he was using that laser distance measurer on tripod indoors before I got to the mistake

Something's wrong with me.


sqeeky_wheelz t1_jed0tq0 wrote

I like to think the advertising person was disgruntled and took a new job right before the conference.


dfhaz t1_jed1rvj wrote

Nice! They must be hokd n fonnix!!


RobXIII t1_jed31wc wrote

This made me laugh almost as much as the towel sized mat we had at work that said SAFETY STARTS HERE but the corner of it was bent up and kept tripping people


SnooterBop127 t1_jed9m0f wrote

Our company got an award for donating and installing a playground with play equipment to a local school. The award was given to us by the “Principle” for “Apreciaton”. Pretty ironic.


Biggu5Dicku5 t1_jedf4xs wrote

Intentional mistakes are generally intentional...


[deleted] t1_jediq47 wrote

Hey, at least they didn't spell it reich.


bleckers t1_jedjgql wrote

The sign did its job, everyone hasn't noticed the giant butt plug in the middle.


Uzi-kana t1_jedjsgg wrote

Reminds me of a business sign I saw a long time ago in Dhaka: "Texas Design - Qualiy Engineering"


MisterEyeCandy t1_jedn24v wrote

This is just the Ye Old English, you know how in days of yore, they'd drillth for thy precious oilth with a rigth.


ShowNext445 t1_jedxnb6 wrote

I work in exhibitions and trade shows and it seems impossible that the graphic would get printed and applied without the error being spotted; so it makes me think that it was intentional. Of course it might be that it was a mistake, and whoever installed the stand just didn't give a crap and didn't mention it to the client.


JustMMlurkingMM t1_jee5gp5 wrote

Thath very cwuel to joke about thoth of uth with thpeach defecth who work on oil rigth.


Calphurnious t1_jeeemwj wrote

That buttplug has a really long neck.


TheArtofWall t1_jeeixms wrote

I love mistakes that find their perfect context. Like this one. And like that guy who accepted an oscar and fumbled his words, accidentally saying that the only thing that matters in film is not people, it's money.


hunterman12 t1_jeemft6 wrote

It's not wrong. It's made by Mike Tyson.


fooboohoo t1_jeet5p1 wrote

And then, you noticed the giant butt plug


tgrace310574 t1_jef0m9k wrote

If this is intentional: it’s genius. However…..


boluserectus t1_jef5chx wrote

20 years ago I worked on CeBIT for Philips. Next to us was Plextor who just released their iconic 8x2x2 cd-writer. After the whole week I asked the engineers why their billboard had the CD laying up-side-down in the tray with the purple/green up. (I don't remember which colour it was).

They said they haven't noticed and the only person saying something was me. I think I still have a picture somewhere..


Raii-v2 t1_jefcygz wrote

And HERE I THOUGHT the joke was that’s the meth lab from Breaking Bad


creepsnutsandpervs t1_jefgo3u wrote

Brought to you by people that add the th sound to the word Height


boot2skull t1_jefhofd wrote

My brain reads “right” and “girth” simultaneously.


shelbyrobinson t1_jefk9tn wrote

It's an old one, this joke simply gets people thinking, laughing and talking. I own a hard cover book on the Principals of Training for Competency; it's printed upside down and read backwards from the end of the book.


enzovrlrd t1_jefrhas wrote

I don't get it, what's worng?


Turbulent-Mix-6677 t1_jebqdl1 wrote

Which conference? There was one recently in Shreveport…


cyborgborg777 t1_jebklet wrote

Remember, as invincible as oil companies may seem; they can always burn to the ground with a single match ;) 🔥


Gustopherus-the-2nd t1_jebn59e wrote

That’s not how any of this works.


XMETA_DUKE t1_jebqdjt wrote

Literally. Not at all.


y2k2 t1_jec89zm wrote

Yea, how do you stop an international conglomerate with businesses and structures all over the world? Burn the whole world? No thanks.


Offgridiot t1_jebau1x wrote

Ithn’t that what a Democrat doeth to an election?