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The_One_Nut t1_je58mez wrote

Should have brought it to him covered in mayo


AlloyComics OP t1_je58vhm wrote

How did you know he hates mayo?!? TBH, I was too busy chuckling myself to think of a revenge plot, but that's a good idea!


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_je5apne wrote

They were implying that mayo looks like something that could potentially be involved in a 69.


AlloyComics OP t1_je5b931 wrote

OMG, hahaha, that went right over my head. Brilliant, really.


bgrubaugh t1_je5en68 wrote

Don't most things go over your head though? Or at least out of arms reach.


AlloyComics OP t1_je5ew18 wrote

Sigh, okay, you got me. I am indeed very vertically challenged. ;p


bgrubaugh t1_je5f1ep wrote

I never thought I would ever get the chance to tell you this directly, but I absolutely adore your comics. They bring me great joy.


AlloyComics OP t1_je5he9e wrote

Awww, thank you. Was the Joy pun intended? And I love talking to readers. If you want to directly interact with me, commenting on the posts under my profile (instead of bigger subs) would pretty much guarantee a response.


bgrubaugh t1_je5hxkb wrote

100% intended. I thought about saying "Joy something" but didn't want to be too on the nose.


AlloyComics OP t1_je5k19c wrote

Hahaha, I see what you did there. Good callback.