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urwallpaperisbad t1_je5mq9r wrote

How much do u pay for reddit upvotes and comments?? Been seeong you spam these unfunny commics for the past week or so it's sad


AlloyComics OP t1_je5nqmm wrote

Hahaha, I wish I had the money to pay for upvotes! But no, sometimes the truth is much more boring than the conspiracy theories.


Guyincognito4269 t1_je7g5ra wrote

Frankly, this is the first time I've seen your work, and I can relate. Love your stuff.


Proof_Extension_7554 t1_je61mdf wrote

Who knows, maybe some people actually find her funny? And if you dont, alr, thats fine. But when you go and hate on someone bc you dont find them funny, thats when it becomes wrong. You could just, go about your day. Idk, just a thought.