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The_One_Nut t1_je58mez wrote

Should have brought it to him covered in mayo


MuthaPlucka t1_je5cm29 wrote

Respond in kind with a request for Asian dipping sauce for the Gyoza/dumplings: cream of Sum Yang Gai.


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_je5gz6d wrote

I'm so tired of people with artistic ability thinking they could be comic artists but they really have no humor or material worthy of presenting to an audience


AlloyComics OP t1_je5he9e wrote

Awww, thank you. Was the Joy pun intended? And I love talking to readers. If you want to directly interact with me, commenting on the posts under my profile (instead of bigger subs) would pretty much guarantee a response.


CRO553R t1_je5hlmd wrote

I tricked my wife into loudly declaring, "I LIKE SAUSAGE" at a family event.


Dottsterisk t1_je5hur1 wrote

Damn. Straight from 0-60 screaming at the employee…


AlloyComics OP t1_je5jhp1 wrote

I'm sorry to disappoint you even further, but I'm not the artist. Sounds like you don't enjoy my stories, but you like my artist's work. Her name is Nohra Johnston and she goes by Deenosars on IG and Twitter if you want to check out her other work!


urwallpaperisbad t1_je5mq9r wrote

How much do u pay for reddit upvotes and comments?? Been seeong you spam these unfunny commics for the past week or so it's sad


LordRaeko t1_je5u1jf wrote

Yea wtf is up with the negative comments on this post. Who did you piss off?? lol


drillgorg t1_je5upd1 wrote

There's a pizza place my wife and I frequent called Fratello's, but we call it Felatio's as an inside joke. We have had some close calls with saying it accidentally in front of people.


drillgorg t1_je5vtvz wrote

She's a frequent poster and the comics often are about her kid or are "not funny" so there are some redditors who immediately start throwing shade when they see her posts no matter whether the comic is funny or not.


ice_munkey t1_je6g4ls wrote

I love Cabo Bob's. I like the XXTRA HOT 66 Sauce!


guy30000 t1_je7qffn wrote

I sent my wife to pick up food. I put the name in as "herName Smellybutt" . She approaches and says "Pickup order for hername"". To which the casher enthusiastically greated " oh hello Mrs. Smellybutt". All in the restorant busted out laughing. Including the customers who seemed to have been let in on the humorous name that had come through.


AfterAardvark3085 t1_je8g1fb wrote

What kind of fool wouldn't understand that you mean "66" without asking to repeat?