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electric14monkey t1_je7accj wrote

Who doesn’t love a pair of rock hard titties


benefit_of_mrkite t1_je6mucm wrote

Wait till you see the bronze statue in front of the riviera casino in Las Vegas.


striker7 t1_je7r4dw wrote

Or the Molly Malone statue in Dublin.

It's not right to accuse anyone of "asking for it" - especially a statue - but... good golly Miss Molly.


Spyderbeast t1_je78lu7 wrote

Lmao, I wondered who might remember the Crazy Girls


J4MES101 t1_je6k806 wrote

School principals everywhere are backing out of this thread


Zarniwoooop t1_je7hy4n wrote

Legend says that these tits could even withstand Chazz Reinhold’s motorboat


edgarpickle t1_je7koig wrote

Same thing in Dublin at the Molly Malone statue.


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Sakaito t1_je6dser wrote

Probably use organic polisher cream also lol


nyynyg t1_je6gf15 wrote

Nice 👍


CyberNinja23 t1_je721hs wrote

If anyone needs me I’m going to be in my room. polishing


BigLeboski26 t1_je76oxk wrote

Where is this at? I have a guess


livingvikariously t1_je7lqwo wrote

Or…maybe one person who went ‘hold my buttery popcorn’, rubbed their hands and went in for the deed 🤣


BlettaFappaChu t1_je7otjk wrote

Can't blame them, I've rubbed a bull statues balls before

It was empowering. I charged through the crowd in line afterward and did a Captain Morgan pose on a police horse as it led me through Central Park

I'd never have had the confidence without petting those bull balls


Cheetahs_never_win t1_je7rzwc wrote

First thought: let's make a metal one and electrify it with a low voltage to teach people a lesson about consent.

Second thought: someone is going to die because they touched both at once, sending a shock across their pacemaker.

Third thought: put warning sign on it and leave it at CPAC and let natural selection sort itself out.


Zym1225 t1_je7un27 wrote

My wife says the same


Any_Mathematician905 t1_je8exf6 wrote

Ever seen the NY stock exchange bull? Shiny balls. So smooooooth.


xdarkshadowlordx t1_je8t6at wrote

There’s a model of a naked woman’s torso and legs in our Highschool, and uhmm…… people sometimes finger it