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road2dawn26 t1_jdcss7r wrote

I stole that number for my username; they had to find a substitute.


RoadDesigner t1_jdct2b0 wrote

Name checks out.


road2dawn26 t1_jdcvrja wrote

thanks for your help on it


GANDORF57 t1_jdew15d wrote

^(56 offering an explanation): "26 took some much needed down time, but never returned! I was was just supposed to temp!"


Denbus26 t1_jddwvxv wrote

Wait a second, I thought I stole it for my username. Do I just have a replica?


road2dawn26 t1_jddxc03 wrote

hm... maybe so many people have stolen the 26's that they ran out of replicas? Mine may very well be a replica as well.


usefulidiot316 t1_jdcyzkc wrote

Robberto: I'm thinking of a number between 25 and 27. Guess it, and I'll kill you first.

Bender: Um...ok... fifty... six.. ish?

Roberto: 56? 56!?!? Now that's all I can think about! I'm gonna kill you, you no good 56ing...


prestron t1_jdczjqt wrote

Now stand back. I've got to practice my measuring.


Amasterclass t1_jdd0ikh wrote

I’m 56cm’s long! The ruler doesn’t lie goddammit!


DarrenC-6880 t1_jdkwf3b wrote

Yeah, when you're 26 and even that is not enough. Talk about entitled!


cPayne21 t1_jdd5ua6 wrote

I genuinely thought we were looking at the ‘cm’ being backwards until I read the comments


ReliantLion t1_jdctoyn wrote

This is why we don't use metric in the US. It's soooo confusing... /s


jvLin t1_jdg4ahn wrote

i use this ruler to measure my dick

unfortunately, it’s still just 6cm


BrockChocolate t1_jddbsyt wrote

Adam is 25, next year he will be 56, what is he?

Bad at math


ScalaNaturae t1_jddew01 wrote

There's actually a really cool and useful explanation for this that only those in this trade know about and could explain to you.


mR-Smeeth t1_jdf7520 wrote

In Botswana 26 is a cursed number on a ruler so it's always replaced with a 56. Similar to how some floor buttons aren't on elevators.


Moola868 t1_jddoojv wrote

It’s just like when someone replaces an S with a Z.


Zen4rest t1_jdeq3vf wrote

Looks like they had 30 of them. 29 out of 30 right sounds pretty good to me.


mrb117 t1_jdfx1d9 wrote

Going the extra mile 🧐


everythinghappensto t1_jdg8har wrote

They had to make it that way because the Kaiser had stolen our number 26.


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[deleted] t1_jdh9gko wrote

Use it when posting pictures of your dick on sex dating sites


0880garcia t1_jdjarpn wrote

Those are centimeters 🤣