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Cytraxe t1_iuj05rs wrote

What's the joke here


Aboredgoat t1_iuj9a68 wrote

Respec wamen


Lifthras1r t1_iujtjd8 wrote

He wasn't really being that disrespectful, he was just insisting she stay so he could spend more time with her


obsertaries t1_iujwfxk wrote

And then he didn’t even remember her face and had to find her by her shoe size.


ImJustHereToWatch_ t1_iuj16ob wrote

Lol. Then she would be scrubbing floors because a prince in that time period is unlikely to stand for her attitude.


Lifthras1r t1_iujtqe6 wrote

I don't think any guys should stand for that kind of attitude, if she gets that angry at you wanting to spend more time with her she's not worth the obvious headache


decrementsf t1_iuj4jn4 wrote

A prince in today's time period is unlikely to stand for her attitude either. The guys they're all competing for get other options. You get another Taylor Swift song, and lowered standards.


anondude1122 t1_iukacsa wrote

She would be a contractor mopping floors to manifest her own company. Until the prince is willing to take over her carriage payments then he isn't 💯


GammaGoose85 t1_iujvpgl wrote

Instead of dropping a slipper she was dropping red flags


IcyClearly t1_iujups2 wrote

Prince: Sure you can, just not with me then


IanAlvord t1_iujfov8 wrote

Imagine going to Buckingham and shouting that to the staff.


No-Let5710 t1_iujjcr5 wrote

I think Megan markle tried that and now she and her ginger have been banished


Saintmikey t1_iujywo3 wrote

Ha ha female power karma post ha


RedJester44 t1_iuk11bl wrote

Damn bitch really wanted to get back to that shit life that bad huh?


Alfred-Fallon-Borden t1_iujyhkj wrote

“Haha I’m confusing the book and popular meanings of can just like that fourth grade teacher everyone hated”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Not-a-Baconat0r t1_iuk2qdr wrote

Ah, you must be mistaken. The door to r/facebookmemes is that way, ma'am.


CaptainObviousII t1_iujdzrt wrote

Oh so you one of them bad ass bitches.


KyojinkaEnkoku t1_iuk1lsz wrote

She gonna be one of those lonely, bad-ass bitches if she don't take the bass out her voice.


IanH95 t1_iujzgok wrote

Maybe you should fucking relax


SuperSirVexSmasher t1_iujyxr3 wrote

She wasn't born a princess and if she behaved like that she likely would remain "not a princess."


IsThisPCEnough t1_iuj2at8 wrote

Within the limits of the spell?


Chucklepus t1_iujeov4 wrote

Yeah, it's not like she wanted to leave and get back to her shitty home life.


Awesomesauce55545 t1_iujduy4 wrote

Bruh whenever people say stuff like this to me I am just grateful I’m wanted


whatdidisay- t1_iuk5ctc wrote

Always weirded me was the magic stopped at midnight. Yet her shoe remained unchanged.


Maxdgilbert t1_iuk7nzr wrote

Lol and that's why you don't get a happy ending.


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JrButton t1_iuk1aht wrote

so do it....

getting weird Dr. Evil vibes from all these peeps feeling like they have to tell us the obvious


Dankalii t1_iuk8rib wrote

If I was a Disney princess: man I'm usually in bed at 10:00, it's amazing I'm still awake.


Ok-Suggestion-7965 t1_iuk966m wrote

Yeah you wouldn’t be a Disney Princess for very long with that filthy mouth.


AmericanLich t1_iukay8j wrote

With that attitude you wouldn’t be a princess.


V1tunpr0 t1_iuj8ojj wrote

🚩🚩🚩RUN girlll