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Downtime51 t1_itx8l9k wrote

If you take it home, it will restore itself.


ChondroArt t1_itxak17 wrote

What was the movie? Christine?


Downtime51 t1_itxbrav wrote

Christine was a 58 Plymouth Fury


Double_Distribution8 t1_itxfqow wrote

You built a time machine? Out of a 58 Plymouth Fury?


The_Big_Red_Wookie t1_ity3jyp wrote

Ngl I would totally watch that movie.


LasciviousLex067 t1_ity8h6l wrote

Sounds terrifying. Possessed, possibly sentient, evil car that can travel through time? Whoah, when did hitler get a sweet as fury?


Veselker t1_itzqmt6 wrote

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 mph you're gonna see some serious shit


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_itxbal5 wrote

That was a Cadillac


DrMooseknuckleX t1_itxbpam wrote

Plymouth Fury. Also Plymouth Belvedere and Savoy for some shots.


drumorgan t1_itxgj9s wrote

I actually had a 58 Plymouth Belvedere for about a year - drove it all around and loved to see the valet get frustrated and finally get out of the car to ask how to get it into gear

(push-button transmission on dash looked like an AM radio) RND21 (no P)


ChondroArt t1_itxigd0 wrote

Lol. Nice. I’m building a 59 galaxie with a 76 FE 390.


Few_Improvement_8673 t1_itxohd1 wrote

Had a 76 Ford 100 needed a new motor. It had a 360 and me and a buddy rebuilt a 390 from a junk yard that came out of a mustang and put it the truck. Aluminum intake, headers, 2 barrel Holley all with a truck 4 speed. That truck ran great after that. Had it up to 120 with peddle left. It was my first truck.


ChondroArt t1_itxos78 wrote

Nice. That’s a nice first truck. My first was a 87 5.0. Was fun, but I wanted something older.


Dustytoons t1_itxzbgs wrote

Your thinking of Caddyshack this was a movie about a self driving beetle


mail4youtoo t1_itx9p7c wrote

Whoa, whoa. You better watch what you say about my car. She's real sensitive.


Jalopy_Junkie t1_itxgks7 wrote

I recently bought a ‘57 Oldsmobile that has a similar color scheme and needed sone minor mechanical refurbishment. This car fought me every step of the way and still is not completely finished but I joked with my dad that she was like Christine, just bitchy instead of evil.

In that spirit, she was eventually named Courtney. 😂


warpedashell t1_itx90la wrote

Arnie will take. Just needs to deal with a few cuts from some glass first.


trite_post t1_itxyjzi wrote

She had the smell of a brand-new car. That's just about the finest smell in the world, 'cept maybe for p*ssy. 


ArcherStirling t1_itxg4l9 wrote

I absolutely LOVE the comments. Those that know, brilliant comments. Those that don't know, still sweet and brilliant comments, they just have no idea they just fell in love with Christine.


syntaxterror69 t1_itxkoue wrote

I was about to quit Reddit if there were no responses about Christine. Didn't let me down at all :)


rikki_tiki t1_itxbc1m wrote

Keep a knocking but ya can't come in. Come back tomorrow night and try again


Cold_Pomelo3274 t1_itxkq4i wrote

It would make a great family car, as long as she likes your family.


divine12 t1_itx9788 wrote

Aww she's priddy


South_Bit1764 t1_itxk5zr wrote

>it ran when I parked it > >back in 1978


Routine-Horse-1419 t1_itxqqcj wrote

I'd take her home. She's VERY protective of her owner/driver. Now that's dedication.


LasciviousLex067 t1_ity8d8k wrote

Last I heard, that model restores itself as you drive it.


kinyutaka t1_itx9ajl wrote

That car would look awesome with a fan on the back. If I knew anything about cars, I would take it.


Chafro23 t1_itxw6uu wrote

And just like that, I’m 8 again. Can’t believe I still knew the lyrics. sigh


Chucklepus t1_ityboe1 wrote

I didn't remember the words, but that tune came right back. And the leg warmers. Weird trend in children's animation, that whole bit.


kinyutaka t1_ity59h1 wrote

They need to make one of those CD compilation sets "Now That's What I Call TV Theme Songs"


Boing26 t1_itxc0an wrote

if i had the knowhow id do it on a heartbeat. beautiful cars.


Still_waiting_4u t1_ityl78c wrote

Just spray some blood on it.

Everything will buff out.


Ford_Cortina1965 t1_iu0naqj wrote

“Is that you cuntingham?” “You ain’t mad are ya?”

The most stupidest question ever asked to someone who’s car you’ve smashed up 🤣


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SoyUnZombi t1_itxgefx wrote

Buying a car like this and restoring it is literally my dream...


ioisis t1_itxy5gt wrote

It got 8 miles per gallon when it was new


SS7788 t1_ity0m44 wrote

How much is a 58 Plymouth worth?

Картинки по запросу 58 Plymouth Fury

1958 Plymouth Fury Worth In 2022

The 1958 Plymouth Fury is a rarity in the used car space owing to its very low production numbers. Rarely do these pop-ups, and the asking price showcases this car's fame. The movie cars have been a raging investment estimated at around $400,000-$500,000 by Mecum.


divbyzero_ t1_ity40gq wrote

And I just saw the film for the first time this past weekend!


Cycleofmadness t1_itycrcl wrote

It starts playing Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurston Harris all by itself whenever someone wants a closer look and they get scared away.


MisterState t1_ityf38c wrote

No reason to take it home, just drive it for a little while


pit1988 t1_itymaaz wrote

Hello, Christine


Redditarianist t1_itys43c wrote

This is the result of the Red Car only stuffing his face


S-Markt t1_itz3rrv wrote

got this as a hot wheel with different colors. stepped on it once. guess what happened the next day. it tried to run me over. broke my toe.


TenmoonX t1_itz5m8z wrote

This is cool, how much?


hafgrimmar t1_itz68af wrote

Christine! is that you?


wizard_brandon t1_itz7rz6 wrote

it would be a nice looking car

alas one wouldnt be able to drive it in europe due to emmission laws


porkly1 t1_itzjbvp wrote

I want the Scout in the background


Fedorchik t1_itzjkmo wrote

Looks like Highwayman


AzLibDem t1_itzjx97 wrote

"Her shaft is bent and her rear end leaks, you can fix her quick with an oily rag. Use a nail as a starter; I lost the key. Don't pay no mind to that whirrin' sound. She use a little oil, but outside a' that, she's cherry."


Captain_Wanton t1_itzkyvc wrote

My dad had a 1976 Pontiac. Do you know how hard it was for him to find parts whenever it broke down?


FigOk7538 t1_itzn690 wrote

That’s a mechanical asshole.


lonemonk t1_itzyll7 wrote

I know people who have restored much worse. Or as a parts car, the entire bumper, grill, hood emblem, valence, right rear quarter all look very decent. Roof, ride side glass, etc...


bofh77 t1_iu09o4c wrote

I'd take her in a second. I got a list of people to feed her. Only thing is she'd have to throw in some AC/DC Highway To Hell on the radio


Otherwise-Tough-5406 t1_iu2skzg wrote

The book it’s based on, “Christine” by Stephen King, is better.