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needspice t1_iuc0rya wrote

Forgot the morning Mimosa


ferlinmandestos t1_iuc1buw wrote

What's a HOTA kotb 🤔

House of the Aragon

Knights of the Brepublic


theebomba t1_iuc4e0h wrote

He really got the smile right, bruh 😂


OneBildoNation t1_iuc6nel wrote

Eric for real looks like he just lives in a normal ass apartment.


SoonToBeA t1_iudaciw wrote

Anyone else have no idea who either of those are?


shiriunagi t1_iudg7yi wrote

I hope he isn't using anything to lighten his complexion.


StrayRabbit t1_iudgecw wrote

Also reminds me of E.T. dressing up as a lady lol