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pablo_santiago t1_iuasrsc wrote

I should've yelled "oh yeah" at them


josiemarcellino OP t1_iuavbqp wrote

This was a missed opportunity


AcidTWister t1_iuc5ru5 wrote

Better than breaking through their brick outer wall and doing it.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_iubi6t9 wrote

I don't think it's too late. Next time you see them, yell it. They'll possibly make the connection.


EddyRosenthal t1_iuaxc94 wrote

Mam‘, i need you to stop. My kinks are already weird enough.


Oakheart- t1_iubvdfg wrote

The clippy one was it for me


mvffin t1_iucccyp wrote

You should've seen the dirty bubble


Dzyu t1_iud7mhs wrote

I mean, it's not too late. Someone could link it.


AfellowchuckerEhh t1_iudck96 wrote

Getting to use your homeowners insurance because the Kool aid girl paid you a visits pretty hot.


ediciusNJ t1_iubfdqu wrote

Stupid sexy Kool-Aid Man.


Atomsteel t1_iubrdpt wrote

Total thirst trap


TigLyon t1_iuau07q wrote

Now you need to come busting through their wall. I mean, gotta stay in character, right?


iReignFirei t1_iucciid wrote

And then let them bust into her walls


TigLyon t1_iue3j4u wrote

Ah yes, because of course you had to say that.


iReignFirei t1_iueoihg wrote

I'll take the down votes. It was worth it


TigLyon t1_iuf7rzs wrote

Hey, at least you commit to it. Can't fault you for that. lol


TummyStickers t1_iub7ilr wrote

Almost seems like a dare. “Bet you can’t make the Koolaid Man sexy”


devo_inc t1_iubd40v wrote

Kool-Aid man is kind of disturbing if you think about it. If he lays down, does he spill out? Would that instantly kill him?


Oakheart- t1_iubvjit wrote

Maybe he’s like a horse and has an extra ligament that locks his legs standing upright so he can sleep.


IsThereCheese t1_iuaufqo wrote

What did your dad say to this one


josiemarcellino OP t1_iuav9nj wrote

He wasn’t home today, he missed this one


n959 t1_iubxcow wrote

Is he usually around?


josiemarcellino OP t1_iucal76 wrote

Yeah, I go to his house to take these pictures


dontbeanegatron t1_iucglag wrote

Such a trooper, he lasted almost the entire month before getting tired of your shenanigans. XD


Dzyu t1_iud7ov2 wrote

This isn't her first year doing this.


dontbeanegatron t1_iud87mj wrote

I'm aware. 😊 But I'm assuming he gets the other 11 months to recover and mentally prepare for the next October. 😄


NSA_van_3 t1_iudg3tk wrote

She does these year round, it's not just halloween costumes


TrevorPace t1_iue5d6n wrote

He's her dad. He's been watching her do dress up her entire life. It's not an inconvenience, he probably is a normal father that enjoys spending time with his daughter...


ineednewgolfshoes t1_iubrnw7 wrote

You should’ve just yelled “I NEED ATTENTION”


Oakheart- t1_iubvfcl wrote

People like to have fun so why don’t you let them?


TigLyon t1_iue3s5x wrote

Because apparently projection is fun. lol


SurealGod t1_iuc2q9n wrote

Just yell OH YEAHHHHHH!!! to them the next time you see them. That should eliminate any confusion.


iParasite33 t1_iucwdv3 wrote

I'm speaking for all the men here. Can we see it from the back please?


Trollhammeren t1_iuba55e wrote

While I like to see you like that, it was a little far fetched.


Xanthus179 t1_iucfh73 wrote

Comparatively, this isn’t even one of her more weird costumes.


lew2176 t1_iuax1y0 wrote

I would love to be your neighbor for sure


CatSidekick t1_iuclucp wrote

This is the worst costume I’ve seen you make. My favorite was your hulk Hogan one


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uflgator99 t1_iubd3gn wrote

I love the costume! Very creative and original!


Mecha_Tortoise t1_iubs5fb wrote

The layered sheer fabric is a cool idea. I think red body paint underneath that could have made it a little better and more accurate. Or maybe spandex? But I'm no costume expert.

Is there a handle on the back?


Cyrano_Nose t1_iuc02gb wrote

Top right is where you spot the neighbors car ;)


buttmike1 t1_iuc2a0s wrote

"Get a big wide happy ear-to-ear Kool-Aid smile!"


cishet-camel-fucker t1_iuc8nbz wrote

Lucky neighbors. Best I get is screaming children and some asshole who likes blasting music while he works on his truck.


Nibbbel t1_iucp58k wrote

Hell i would try to slurp that one


lordoflys t1_iud072g wrote

I had a Kool-Aid Man outfit complete with an electric air compressor backpack to keep it inflated. I won 1st prize at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul Halloween contest about 30 years ago.


GimmeSomeCovfefe t1_iud0qf5 wrote

I love a sexy costume, but even more so when it’s actually kind of clever too.


TheDeadlySquid t1_iudgcjv wrote

Glad there is the last panel, would not have figured that one out. Bloody flying squirrel?


Jubeiradeke t1_iudks7j wrote

I would never have gotten it


Blueroflmao t1_iudz656 wrote

I have to admit that you might just be the most creative person ive seen the last five years. Maybe more.

All of these get a good chuckle out of me


Ok_Kaleidoscope1630 t1_iue9ivp wrote

It's a bit of a stretch but then again, you are quite adorable, so props...


LordOdin99 t1_iuaxv08 wrote

That’s a unique way of making a face smile. 😉


ObiWanLamora t1_iubna92 wrote

Hell yeah. I mean “oh yeah!”


Bocephus666 t1_iubu69v wrote

Everything becomes so much more funny with confused witnesses


Jsnooots t1_iubczt9 wrote

I got news for your neighbor. Get used to it, it's gonna happen.


jrockcrown t1_iubs4y9 wrote

Now blow out her walls and scream oh yeah whilst doing so.


keestie t1_iubsc93 wrote

Oh No!


quicheanus t1_iubwa6v wrote

I'll dress up as Jim Jones if u lemme take a sip


8stringtheory t1_iubk6hk wrote

They went home and got in an argument guarantee...


dirty_w_boy t1_iubxlhx wrote

Let me be your new photographer plz?


jdith123 t1_iubzht6 wrote

Cute. She needed red elbow length gloves.


datfngtrump t1_iuaxnq2 wrote

Genius costume, is it for Halloween, or, the UPS driver


baconblackhole t1_iuaw87d wrote

Where did you get lingerie from? I must have it for my wife. I cannot look at this for too long or I won't be saving anything for her either.