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__ducky_ t1_itlyso6 wrote

I took a biology class where we collected different samples around the public restrooms.

In fact, the wet handle would have the fewest germs because people have washed their hands (ideally with soap.)

You're looking at more germs on the outside of the bathroom door, the stall handles, and soap dispensers. Don't get me started on those nasty air dryers-gross.


HelluvaKnight t1_itm36e4 wrote

Yeah but you didn't swab the door handle of the guy ahead me who decided to give himself a water bottle enema with toliet water while afterwards walking out without washing his hands.


SlothSpeed t1_itmuo54 wrote

>Don't get me started on those nasty air dryers-gross.

You mean you don't like poop air blown on your clean hands?


Max_Thunder t1_itmvxln wrote

The lesson should have been that germs are everywhere and that you shouldn't have to worry to that level; just wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating. People aren't getting sick because they touched a stall handle. Don't lick it though.


NoReallyLetsBeFriend t1_itlz833 wrote

So I dispense paper towel before washing, then wash, then use paper towel to touch handle to get it. If they're hand dryers I wait to see if someone opens the door or grab TP to do this. I will not touch the handle. I will throw TP on floor if I have to, so maybe staff/store get the hint to put a garbage can there.


ShiningRayde t1_itmwtsb wrote

Enter bathroom (doors propped open since 2020)

Wash hands.

Go to stall.

Check if theres paper, grab some.

Use paper wad to shut and lock door, set atop paper dispenser.

Do the doo.

Get squared away.

Use saved paper to unlock door, flush and toss into water, wait for flush to finish before opening door with foot.

Wash hands.

Get coughed on by an 90 year old man with cholera coming in the extremely narrow doorway.


annomandaris t1_itm6qso wrote

They are required by health code to provide hand towels, they just dont.


ivanvector t1_itmcfvt wrote

Same. I was instructed to do exactly this by the hospital I was working in at the time, including dropping the towel on the floor if no receptacle is provided. Better to make a mess in one place in the washroom than spread germs all over the facility.


Roxas---13 t1_itmp4pb wrote

If you throw it on the floor, you're a dick, regardless. Jesus Christ people can be so self centered.


NoReallyLetsBeFriend t1_itmxrzw wrote

Only if there's no can nearby enough I can toss it in. The should always be a can near the door, otherwise floor it is. I worked retail and restaurant before, I get it, and I made sure it was done right for customers and employees alike


AlexanderTheGre8 t1_itnomrj wrote

No matter what reasonable recourse you provide this retarded new generation, they’ll always find a way to cry and call themselves victims.


SparkleTarkle t1_itm4wm0 wrote

I really enjoy the doors that have the peg at the bottom you can open the door with your foot.


AccelRock t1_itnrfbq wrote

I enjoy bathrooms that leave the door open and instead have a privacy wall that you have to walk around when entering. In some small rooms however I will use paper towel to open the door then toss it into the nearby bin before running through the open door when that's an option.


Max_Thunder t1_itmykul wrote

I prefer the handicap button on the wall that you're supposed to reverse kick in the style of Chuck Norris.


tacknosaddle t1_itmhwyi wrote

These are even better, I wish they were standard.


LorenzoStomp t1_itnp80w wrote

I am short and those tend to be set uncomfortably high for me, plus some people grab them


tacknosaddle t1_itnvxmx wrote

>some people grab them

Sure, but the idea is that the part of your body that comes into contact with them is much less likely to come into contact with another part of your body susceptible to infection by germs. So even if you can only get your wrist into it you're reducing the odds of infection.


matts41 OP t1_itlz7j2 wrote

And of course we can't forget about the sweaty locks we have to engage if we don't want someone walking in on us while we are taking a poo.


tacknosaddle t1_itmhq5o wrote

You can leave it open to assert dominance.


Max_Thunder t1_itmwgbc wrote

With that wide door gap on the side, it might as well be open anyway.


tacknosaddle t1_itmzd21 wrote

We have a constitutional right to know who's pooping in there dammit!


jcaarow t1_itm4hiu wrote

I've never understood touchless soap dispenser. Surely the first thing you do after touching it is soap your hands


sumelar t1_itop716 wrote

Same thing with auto-flushers, or the dipshits who flush with their foot.

People are morons and don't think about things very well.


Potietang t1_itm39qo wrote

And that’s why I use a paper towel to exist every single time. Bar none.


BricksFriend t1_itocw9e wrote

I hate it when I throw away a paper towel and suddenly cease to exist.


RamsesThePigeon t1_itm3fsq wrote

My wife and my sisters-in-law always collect a few extra sheets of toilet paper when they're done with their "business." Said sheets are then employed as disposable gloves, thus blocking any contact with germ-cultivating doorknobs.

They've also mastered this entertaining sort of dance which sees them opening doors, planting their feet, twirling, and launching the used "gloves" toward the nearest garbage can.


bunnieollie t1_itmfaos wrote

If a public bathroom has a knob, the paper towel I used to dry my hands, cover the knob, open it and then discard the paper towel.


historymajor44 t1_itmgm9p wrote

Touchless flusher that flushes too soon and splashes toilet water on you.


tacknosaddle t1_itmiyaz wrote

The problem is that when you lean forward over water what you're actually doing is bowing to the god Poseidon with a request for a kiss.


JoeyBones t1_itn7smb wrote

If you go into a bathroom and everything is broken, you should probably report that to the owner


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NathanKinard t1_itm9qsq wrote

I always use paper towels to open the door because of my paranoia. Then I prop the door open with my foot and Kobe the paper towel into the trash from the door.


nonofyourbusinessgo t1_itmm41q wrote

Fun fact: some hospital bathrooms have footsteps that you use to lever the door open 👍


Smooth-Wait506 t1_itmmwy6 wrote

this is why hand sanitizer was invented,

before covid made having clean hands a fashion trend - I guess many people where just happy licking the bowl and toilet seat prior to that


WK3DAPE t1_itmslon wrote

I have never been a fan of people having a shit/piss and not washing hands. One of the reasons I stopped shaking hands


euphonic5 t1_itmrrcq wrote

Is electronic devices in bathrooms malfunctioning really that much of an issue? I only see maybe 1-in-7 or so that are completely inoperable. Considering how touchy my stomach is, that's a lot of completely functional bathrooms.


Bentley2004 t1_itmv0kn wrote

Watch people, it's amazing how many don't wash their hands.


sumelar t1_itop33d wrote

What's more amazing is how many people either pee on their hands like toddlers, or don't wash their bodies and think touching any other part of themselves is somehow contamination.


tossa-8675309 t1_itn3muc wrote

Must include one's belt which is never washed


ThatRandonNerd t1_itna0tp wrote

My company has a plastic lip on the bottom of the bathroom doors so you can easily use your foot. (No idea what it is called)


Josette22 t1_itnd05z wrote

At least I'm glad that in our local supermarket, we can dry our hands with as many paper towels as we need to dry them completely(I use 4), then we don't have to use our hands to open the door to go outside the bathroom. There's a foot attachment attached to the door so you can just use your foot to open it.


creegomatic t1_itnlzb7 wrote

If the touchless faucet doesnt work, why is the doorknob wet!?!



AccelRock t1_itnqzon wrote

I appreciate the new abundance of hand sanitiser in shared spaces for this reason. I can go wash my hands and exit as normal. Then since I am concerned about germs I use the nearest sanitiser to clean my hands again before leaving.


Unlucky_Dealer_3167 t1_itny2y1 wrote

That’s why I have an extra paper towel to open the door with.


Figerally t1_ito0ej5 wrote

The only positive to come out of COVID is that is typically a hand sanitizer stand somewhere within easy reach.


Ill_Neighborhood_61 t1_ito5mvs wrote

It's always the people I know who are most germophobic that are always sick


sumelar t1_itoozjm wrote

Because they have no immune system.


Intelligent-Bug-3039 t1_itoh8us wrote

Theoretically the doorknob is clean because everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom... Right?


sumelar t1_itooyfd wrote

Everything outside the bathroom that is just as covered by bacteria as always, because bathrooms are not magically the only place where surfaces are covered in single celled organisms.


Far_Class_9556 t1_itovvz5 wrote

I use a paper towel to get out of the restroom if it has a door handle. People are too nasty. Lol.


blueberryrockcandy t1_itoz02c wrote

you can use your shoe you know, if you are flexible enough. I use my shoe. I am not touching that handle. course I tend to not use restrooms in public Anyway unless I want the mirror. but IF I have to go in, that means I have to come OUT, thus shoe to door handle.


bossonhigs t1_itp65cp wrote

If there's a paper, I always use paper to dry off my hands but I don't throw it right away but use it to open the door. heh


ragrug3443 t1_itpnnzm wrote

Those hand dryers should be banned, terribly germy and disgusting.


jmpires t1_itq0qsi wrote

Real question here, why is the doorknob wet if the faucet does not turn on


Callidonaut t1_itm3ybw wrote

I've been saying it for decades, all they have to do is make the damned door open outwards, but nobody cares.

Also, bonus points: ten or twenty full-size sinks and exactly one hand dryer that takes forever to use. You know it makes sense. /s


annomandaris t1_itm6yok wrote

They cant, because in most cases bathrooms are in hallways, and if the door went out, it would block the hallway in case of emergency. Long story short you cant open the bathroom doorway cause people are slamming it closed on you.


Callidonaut t1_itm7ivq wrote

Fair point. There are places that solve the problem by just not having a door at all, and use an offset wall to block people from being able to see in, but I guess that couldn't be retrofitted to buildings that were designed to have a door that would act as a fire barrier.


tacknosaddle t1_itmijfl wrote

Similar to how stairwell doors should open inward towards the stairwell to prevent a pileup from panic outside of it with the exception being the bottom where the floor has access to the outside which should open outward. You'll also never see revolving doors that either don't have regular doors next to them or are of a design that there is a breaking point which allows both sides of the revolving door to be pushed open in an emergency (that piece of code stems from the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston).


Nerospidy t1_itmaiu6 wrote

Why don’t most bathrooms open outward instead of inward?


tacknosaddle t1_itmionf wrote

Someone answered above, but it's usually because of fire code where the door could block emergency egress.