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__ducky_ t1_itlyso6 wrote

I took a biology class where we collected different samples around the public restrooms.

In fact, the wet handle would have the fewest germs because people have washed their hands (ideally with soap.)

You're looking at more germs on the outside of the bathroom door, the stall handles, and soap dispensers. Don't get me started on those nasty air dryers-gross.


HelluvaKnight t1_itm36e4 wrote

Yeah but you didn't swab the door handle of the guy ahead me who decided to give himself a water bottle enema with toliet water while afterwards walking out without washing his hands.


SlothSpeed t1_itmuo54 wrote

>Don't get me started on those nasty air dryers-gross.

You mean you don't like poop air blown on your clean hands?


Max_Thunder t1_itmvxln wrote

The lesson should have been that germs are everywhere and that you shouldn't have to worry to that level; just wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating. People aren't getting sick because they touched a stall handle. Don't lick it though.