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[deleted] t1_iu97ug9 wrote



neckos t1_iu9ap01 wrote

You're advocating for euthanizing every single one then?


ThatFatGuyMJL t1_iu9brqx wrote

No. We advocate for every single one to be spayed or neutered so the breed naturally dies out.

Those against it are advocating for dogs to spend a life in constant agony due to cuteness


neckos t1_iu9gqnw wrote

Oh you know exactly what someone else meant by their own statement?


ThatFatGuyMJL t1_iu9gu7q wrote

I know there's a whole ass movement about this.


neckos t1_iu9h19d wrote

I responded to someone who said they shouldn't exist, that means they all should die immediately. Don't try and shift the goal post to spay and neutering for someone you don't even know.


ThatFatGuyMJL t1_iu9h4ra wrote

See now you're outright doing what you told me not to do.

Putting words in their mouth.


neckos t1_iu9h7p2 wrote

Ok pal, go outside and I hope you have a better day because you're clearly bothered by something.


Smush_a_Bush t1_iu9pfi4 wrote

You're an idiot. "They shouldn't exist" is exactly right. And you know how to HUMANELY make them not exist. Spay, neuter, and don't breed. Those of us who don't want to see suffering animals don't want to euthanize them. We're not monsters, unlike the assholes who breed and buy these dogs.


Gabriele1966 t1_iu99mnk wrote

The 2 old geezers on the balcony from the Muppet show.


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