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acqz t1_ixsfo9o wrote

"Ah I see my new castle is coming along nicely!"

"What shall we name it, sire?"

"We'll name it after my firstborn son, Prince Henry Court."

"The main road also needs a name, sire."

"Ah yes, it shall bear the name of my favorite middle child, Prince Mildred Boulevard."

"What about the tower, sire?"

"Ugh, do we have to? I guess you can name it after my bitch daughter."


Elegant_Operation820 t1_ixsa6j4 wrote

The king couldn’t believe they didn’t know he was kidding.


Realistic-Field7927 t1_ixsmskn wrote

To be fair if everyone calls you William the Bastard you might end up wanting revenge.


Speadraser t1_ixsnmwh wrote

Aka. Your sister house


_Alek_Jay t1_ixtu3dp wrote

At least it wasn’t Motherfucker tower 😂

For a serious answer, it used to be a prison. Bitch in local dialect at the time meant similar to nightmare or bad experience, whilst daughter was a bastardised French word for dortour meaning room. Which kinda makes sense.


Tiefschlag t1_ixtzrek wrote

Thanks, that was helpful! Any idea where this is?


_Alek_Jay t1_ixvkbxo wrote

It’s part of the old York walls.

I loved walking the city walls as a kid. Not to mention the ghost walks and the Jorvik centre! Funnily enough when I dragged my Afrikaans wife to the centre she understood majority of the language snippets played in the village 🙈


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808_mana t1_ixu37r6 wrote