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johnny_memetic t1_iydueml wrote

Brodie in Mallrats


AlloyComics OP t1_iydy0s4 wrote

I'm a HUGE Kevin Smith fan!!! So yeah, I'll take it as a compliment!


BigBossWesker4 t1_iyf6j81 wrote

"You might want to get your friend some help. He seems to be obsessed with super hero sex organs"


nurgole t1_iydqu6z wrote

This is why I suck at creative things. I overthink things that aren't that important.


Malcuvious t1_iyedtup wrote

It's not about how you think, but more what you do with those thoughts


ReasonablyBadass t1_iyelud4 wrote

Hm. The body would register a circumcision as an injury. Wolverine doesn't have scar tissue either. But baby teeth fall out according to a biological clock, that wouldn't be seen as an inury.


SeiCalros t1_iyfdr7r wrote

i dont think it would work like that

its not like the bodys various subsystems maintain awareness of how and why they interoperate

your body isnt really aware of its amputated parts regardless of whether or not theyve come out naturally - thats why they dont grow back

complete regeneration would mean that wolverines body must have some kind of schema keeping track of what body parts he SHOULD have - and a fairly generic schema since he aged beyond being a pubescent teen

if its something inherent and biological then it wouldnt matter if he had been circumcized - but the schema developed after infancy then circumcision might have stuck


rell7thirty t1_iydp7ma wrote

Someone's gotta get to the bottom of this. Or should I say underside


IcyClearly t1_iyedgix wrote

How does she come to the conclusion wolverine is not circumcised? Is it a (relatively) recent thing?


Whenthebeatdropolis t1_iyejxcg wrote

As far as I'm aware it's mostly practiced in Judaism and for some reason the USA. It is very rare in the UK and I believe most of the world


BeetleLord t1_iyerxbh wrote

"for some reason"


Whenthebeatdropolis t1_iyes7yv wrote

I don't know the reason


BeetleLord t1_iyesz18 wrote

Some people do.


Aboredgoat t1_iyeyxr0 wrote

Yeah because Kellogg popularized it in his weird crusade against masturbation.


BeetleLord t1_iyf0jue wrote

Well, there's more to the story with regards to why it remains so popular after so many years.


Aboredgoat t1_iyf3vim wrote

Yeah. Because men who had their genitals damaged do not want to tangle with the very psychologically harmful prospect of considering that they had their genitals damaged. So in the course of denial of their own damaged genitals, they damage the genitals of their sons, and the cycle repeats. Then there’s the ridiculous suggestion that young boys don’t pay enough attention to their dicks to be able to clean them if we don’t cut off pieces, and the pervasive view that “it looks better”, which is just a delightful reason to mutilate infants.


Ok_Whereas_Pitiful t1_iyejlak wrote

I think widespread circumcision is relatively recent.

I think it is mainly a Jewish thing if I remember correctly. It would not surprise me if other cultures did it as well, but I am unsure if like the catholics, protestants, and/or quakers practiced circumcision.


CriusofCoH t1_iyek0wf wrote

It's right there in the comic - given the time and place of his birth, it's unlikely.


Garmgarmgarmgarm t1_iyek5r5 wrote

Wow this was a trending post on r/marvel comics like 3 weeks ago but I guess OP of that post just copied your work to farm karma or something because your comic is way older


AlloyComics OP t1_iyeobun wrote

BTW, any idea how I can find it? I'm wondering if they cropped out the top of my comic... I tried searching using Wolverine, circumcision, and regenerate as keywords and I didn't see it.


Garmgarmgarmgarm t1_iyeoltb wrote

Your comic was not in the post at all. It was just text.


AlloyComics OP t1_iyep2kt wrote

Ahhh, then that's totally okay. I know that this has been discussed before. I only turned this into a comic because it's a real conversation I've had with my husband and my comic documents fun bits of our lives.


AlloyComics OP t1_iyenr9c wrote

Oh, wow, really? Thanks for telling me. Yeah, I posted this years ago.


mybadalternate t1_iyekbac wrote

When it grows back… does it shnikkt?


BeetleLord t1_iyerrq4 wrote

Really funny. Next let's talk about whether popular female characters have had their vaginas mutilated


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WhereIsHisRidgedBand t1_iyds3yu wrote

People think circumcision is no big deal but there are men who laborously spend time and energy stretching and growing a “fauxskin” r/Foreskin_Restoration

I guess american dads have a thing for the twinsies look.


thorspeepee t1_iye4cnc wrote

None of these are funny... stop spamming reddit with this boring shit


AlloyComics OP t1_iyea5lu wrote

You are the one who refuse to block me to keep my content from showing up in your feed, so maybe you secretly enjoy boredom?