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life_sentencer t1_iy1houi wrote

To be fair, I didn't even notice it at first either.

Slowly start adding more tomatoes and see how many you can get away with hiding.


DefinitelyIncorrect t1_iy224lk wrote

She'll just be happy that you're going to the store so often this week.


lemongroovian t1_iy2nc6s wrote

Don't you know it. Won't buy anything on the list or ask whats needed, but will buy a tomato everyday.


joshblade t1_iy4e4vf wrote

A couple of years ago, I replaced 1 piece of my wife's nativity every day with kid's toys and took pictures to send to my friend until one day...

I hear her freaking out about it and yelling at the kids. The kids had no idea this was going on and didn't know where the pieces I had replaced had gone. My wife was convinced the kids (5/7 at the time) had been the ones to do it and was demanding they go search their rooms until they find the missing pieces. I was working upstairs and heard this going on but didn't quite process what it was about for a couple of minutes. Then I fessed up and returned the the pieces I had replaced. Turns out she was upset because the set was a gift to her from my grandmother who had passed a few years earlier (and they got along really well) and she was worried pieces had been lost or broken.

Here's the last pic I got before it was discovered.


phoeab t1_iy1ihze wrote

Oh she noticed, she’s just gotten used to your antics..


PatienceandFortitude t1_iy1hyst wrote

It’s not a bad looking ornament. Maybe add an apple, banana, cucumber, etc, every week?


ltsnickerdoodle t1_iy1kpks wrote

Is it an actual tomato or a tomato ornament lol its so shiny.


Jay3000X t1_iy2nnzz wrote

It's not even December!


Poulito t1_iy24ub7 wrote

Now that you’ve got Bob positioned, time to sneak in Larry the cucumber.


HomieDaClown9 t1_iy21v2t wrote

You should increase the amount of hidden tomatoes daily


tinchek t1_iy32306 wrote

It's not even December yet FFS.


SashaWoodson t1_iy1lzr8 wrote

‘Tomato in the Christmas Tree’ sounds like a Dario Argento giallo movie.


YuunofYork t1_iy1v4xh wrote

I'm curious how you're attaching it. Superglue? How much does it weigh? I'd be worried about it falling when it ripens.


Critical_Session482 t1_iy29j91 wrote

I have mild dyslexia so I read the title as "tornado".

There are no tornados in that tree.

I like tomatos so now I am hungry. Thanks!


red94daman t1_iy1nw9x wrote

Or the family of squirrels?


CupMain4167 t1_iy20ntj wrote

As a wife who does the tree decorating, I need updates on this. I'm invested in this I must know how long this goes one.


[deleted] t1_iy247a3 wrote

By Christmas that thing gonna be liquid on the floor


ThaDude_v2 t1_iy2cdjq wrote

I see boredom has set in


Yeyosisoyo t1_iy2td77 wrote

Don't worry, she'll notice when it gets rotten


Eggrolling t1_iy489jm wrote

Keep updating me please


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2bMae t1_iy1mxoj wrote

She noticed it. She’s just used to placating the toddler. Path of least resistance and all.


textbookrevolution t1_iy2k4vr wrote

Now I have to find something to put in my mothers Christmas tree.


onegunzo t1_iy3pqmi wrote

Now this is what we should be caring about! Please keep us updated!


RockyJayyy t1_iy3yelq wrote

You need to put it more out in the open where she will walk past it every day.


c3l77 t1_iy41nwi wrote

According to the joke.. trade it for a fuck?


TheKiredor t1_iy5d2jj wrote

BOY! It’s not even Sinterklaas yet and you straight up wildin’ with your Christmas tree. Hide that thing before De Goede Sint gives you the roe /r/netherlands


nurupartnerhtx t1_iy5wily wrote

Nice work. Gonna steal your idea and see how long it takes to notice, as well. Always up for a good prank.


ajk7244 t1_iy586f8 wrote

I’m on Day whatever of hoping my wife doesn’t put up a tree and decorations this year. I don’t get it. We’re atheists and don’t have kids. Makes no sense to me. So I just keep my mouth mostly shut and pour another drink.


Gustjar t1_iy5idzr wrote

It's November


lemongroovian t1_iy2n95g wrote

Why do men find this funny? How about all the crap they say they're going to do then just sit and watch youtube?

Or how about month 4 of them not cleaning the toilet when its The Only housework they've agreed to do?