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Moodeeb1003 t1_ixnym5y wrote

Omg, this bird will fly forward faster than if it was alive. Which I find more funny than the OP intent. XD

Still, one way or another, this is indeed funny!


BandidoCoyote t1_ixnz71t wrote

Thoughtful of you to leave it a drink and snacks. It will definitely leave you a five star rating.


Kixtay t1_ixo2j6c wrote

While the kid is in the boot.


NZepplin t1_ixod5vi wrote

Tell us how the trip went when you get there


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kudichangedlives t1_ixo35in wrote

It's amazing it's even staying on the car seat in the first place. A few good bumps, a quick stop, and that bird is done for, well more so than it is already


heffreygee t1_ixo5316 wrote

The seatbelt will hang onto the foil for a more complete disaster.