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moodpecker t1_iy2gstc wrote

It's not just the appearance of the life ring, it's also the expression on the bear's face


sardwondersoup OP t1_iy2p7nl wrote

Im gonna blow your mind and tell you it's meant to be a seal, not a polar bear.


asp7 t1_iy2zczf wrote

not a life ring either.


Ok-Table-3774 t1_iy4ssvx wrote

Not a bear or a seal. Sea lion (it has visible ears). I got my zoology degree just so I could come here and make this comment!


MsChateau t1_iy3qws3 wrote

But. But seals don't have external ears. Or external....nevermind.


Ok-Table-3774 t1_iy4t27t wrote

Because it's a sea lion....or I guess it could be a fur seal as they have external ears.


ratemydick69 t1_iy31e73 wrote

So... this "seal" is using this "life ring" as a glory hole of some kind?

I don't see it


mrprincepercy t1_iy2hp69 wrote

If it's not supposed to be a penis, what is it?


gfyans t1_iy37j04 wrote

I think it is supposed to be a penis. Clifton Beach SLSC out here ngaf


Bored_Mars t1_iy2k5vl wrote

That whole thing is funny but in the same respect strange. u/FurredFalcon mentioned Surf Life Saving real for what is in front of the polar bear and that kind of makes sense, but what is that random line going under the polar bears paw on the left side of the photo a rope maybe, why do the paws just end at the Saving real frame, there are other problems with the sign manufacturer but that is just nit picking and this is supposed to be funny.


kernpanic t1_iy2splc wrote

It’s not a polar bear, it’s a seal. Well, it’s meant to be.


Bored_Mars t1_iy2v17v wrote

That makes a lot of sense, I was thinking this might be up north and they do the polar bear plunge. I think the ears threw me off.


STO_Firkins t1_iy2frvw wrote

Thought that was a Klan hood at first.


Informal-Spell-2019 t1_iy3bxd3 wrote

See nothing wrong with this. If a polar bear wishes to pleasure themselves in public they should #bearurgesmatter


sundialgrowers1 t1_iy30y9j wrote

Does the SLSC stand for Seal's Life Saving Cock?


dontcalmdown t1_iy3766y wrote

Save me harder, daddy!


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TraderJulz t1_iy2ukwr wrote

What kind of club?


duhvorced t1_iy32si6 wrote

It’s an Australian thing. (And someone from AUS should correct me if I have this wrong.)

Where beach cities in the US employ lifeguards, in AUS they have life saving “clubs”. Same basic role - to patrol the beach, rescue swimmers in distress - but they’re more social, more strongly identified with by the community. They also have competitions between clubs, so there’s more of a sporting element to it, kind of like lower-tier football (soccer) teams in England.

And yes, this is an American using an analogy to British sports to explain an Australian concept, so you’re right to be skeptical. 😜


Wibbles20 t1_iy33bfa wrote

That's the general gist, other than there is some paid lifeguards.

Life saving clubs can also refer to the clubhouse, where there is often some kind of restaurant and bar open to the public


TraderJulz t1_iy7fqyp wrote

Very interesting. Thank you for your explanation. I was so confused just reading the title. Never heard anything like that before😅


Gnace1er t1_iy2x6bh wrote

OK the guy who made the design knew what he was doing...


aleannegrant t1_iy3wtoh wrote

is that what you guys call a ring?


Yugiboomer t1_iy4157c wrote

It reminds me of the old masturbating bear skit on Conan O'Brian



jkonreddit t1_iy4e3x9 wrote

Reminds me of trumps toilet paper incident. No one around said “hm kinda looks like a dick”


gaberax t1_iy4j5ih wrote

How did that get approved?


xXWickedSmatXx t1_iy53n5d wrote

Looks like a klan hood from a distance and up close it is a polar bear pleasuring a life ring. Horrendous


AprilB916 t1_iy6cloq wrote

His "O" face is hilarious!


Necessary_Essay2661 t1_iy2iimw wrote

You in the weird part of antarctica and this mf comes out from behind a glacier, wyd?