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iammabdaddy t1_ixwf58t wrote

One of Maines' finest crap removal teams.


AryaNunya t1_ixwby1v wrote

You'll remember their name when you need to rent a porta potty, mission accomplished.


5xad0w t1_ixwbyys wrote

I imagine anyone who has worked in construction, particularly overnight, instantly thinks of cocaine.


Dieselpump510 t1_ixwilyy wrote

Local Port-o-potty company here is called Jackpot. I’ve always thought that was funny.


Shadesmith01 t1_iy04ka6 wrote

Yeah.. but some people you have to employ for your job site just so you have something to laugh at. Some of the sites I've worked on as a carpenter in the past.. we could have used something like that to laugh at.

"Damn.. that foreman's an asshole, but at least we're not wearing THAT logo.." lol


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v8vh t1_ixwfks9 wrote

Probably named after the horrors they see when they collect them especially after a festival. People blowing mud all over the place.


RustyCrawdad t1_ixwkbc3 wrote

I keep seeing ads around town for a company called SUCK MY gutters clean. Catches my eye every time.


THOTS_AND_BEARS t1_ixwmrz6 wrote

Guess you haven’t heard about Honey Buckets! They’re the shit here in the ATX.


BigDonkeyPoo t1_ixwpa67 wrote

The slogan guy solidly wasted no time there and clearly didn't fart around.


vanillagorrilaz t1_ixy2rsa wrote

We had one called “Sean’s John’s”


chiffonpandan t1_ixwjpy4 wrote

A woman walked into a barber shop and asked, "How much for a wash and blow job?" Then walked straight back out.