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Feellikedancing t1_j1rh295 wrote

If you’re confused, try googling “biblically accurate angles”

Or see this redditors post for a neat example


AbsurdRedundant t1_j1rs5py wrote

That’s a rather obtuse comment.

/sns (angels, not angles)


DisastrousOne3950 t1_j1ruo48 wrote

You're just being acute.


AbsurdRedundant t1_j1ruu99 wrote

I wasn’t feeling acute, but somebody did tell me I looked radian today.


MuthaPlucka t1_j1rgwc7 wrote

I think this is in reference to “Biblically accurate” angels with many wings and eyes.

Do I win a prize?


Penyrolewen1970 t1_j1s2y2t wrote

Ah! I was fairly sure croissants aren’t in the bible (although I haven’t read it all so couldn’t be sure).


Blinky_ t1_j1rgcqh wrote

I do not understand


MoJoSportsPodcast t1_j1s6fss wrote

Just goes to show the bible knows fuck all about good pastries


Ahelex t1_j1sjlmn wrote

Apparently they had this ingredient called manna, which, in the time when Moses led the Israelites around, were collected by them to produce some form of cake.

I think it was said to be sweet, so I guess the Bible does know something about good pastries made from a likely imaginary ingredient.


Coheedlover2018 t1_j1sn6up wrote

I laughed out loud next to my partner and woke him


PressedOrange t1_j1rslqz wrote

So What happens , when thawing the pastries 🥐 from being inside the freezer sometimes a worker forgets that the box/pastries are out the freezer and being thawed out , time passes by and they start to melt/mush together , creating this , when you try separating them it creates a bigger mess , when you freeze them and try to take them out they break , so Is best to bake them how it is it seems 😆


Antmon666 t1_j1sjpps wrote

nar, if you look at the pastry closely it's been made like this, each piece of it looks sorta the same and its been in a liner. Either someone has made this from off cuts of a different pastry or made this super crunchy with all the different surfaces.


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CursedButter79 t1_j1rm9y7 wrote

Cooked over dung or dung incorporated?


Celena_J_W t1_j1sm50n wrote

Le Croissant du Diable


GronkDaSlayer t1_j1tf9wx wrote

Except it's not a fucking croissant...