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QuitProfessional5437 t1_j22b7ub wrote

Bacon and lead. Health


WinterOkami666 t1_j240ogq wrote

The body needs iron, iron is a metal, blood tastes like copper.. etc. How can it be wrong to inject your meet with tiny shrapnel before ingesting it?


[deleted] t1_j2525u0 wrote



WinterOkami666 t1_j253v91 wrote

What you refer to as toxins is what real men would call "seasoning". Puts hair in the blood stream!


_dankystank_ t1_j22dsp9 wrote

Reminds me of 4 wheelin at the Rubicon. We stuffed burritos(already cooked) wrapped in foil up in the top end of the engines, between intake pipes n such. Were good n warm by the time we reached the camp spot for lunch. 😁


bobcat7781 t1_j248d02 wrote

Back in the 1980s, I would put the baggie with my frozen sandwich on top of my CRT monitor when I got to office in the morning. By lunch time, the sandwich was fully thawed and the bread was crisp and warm.


Thijs_NLD t1_j22v3pb wrote

sigh still disrespectful to bacon AND guns. But sure... do your redneck bacon cook off.


IHateMath14 t1_j22jykb wrote

Bro I swear this is something my friend would do


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moodpecker t1_j22dgus wrote

MattV2099 would be proud


MetalGear-Rex t1_j22icj1 wrote

Would the bacon taste like gunpowder?


KaiSaya117 t1_j23bqdx wrote

There are so few things that are instant about this


toxcrusadr t1_j23zb3a wrote

Why is it shooting rope?


notsobasicmale t1_j244lat wrote

I mean to be fair that is something you do once in a life just for the sake of it


PappyClappy t1_j24djtd wrote

Boy oh boy i hope those bears come a runnin!


papachon t1_j24mf2u wrote

Does it taste like freedom?


Educational-Scale963 t1_j236ku7 wrote



Enki_realenki t1_j23pldz wrote

Thats a german MG3 or MG42.


Mean_Bumblebee_9421 t1_j23vsgk wrote

It's not a Bundeswehr MG3, AA sight is missing, also not a MG42 since the Muzzle is not a 42 style and the soket for the AA is missing. It look like an Austrian MG74 or a converted Jugo MG53.


Enki_realenki t1_j23xc4y wrote

You are right. The MG53 has the 42 muzzle, so it should be a MG74. Although the differences in all cases are very small.


Mean_Bumblebee_9421 t1_j23xl05 wrote

Right, they can all be converted to 7,92x57 or vice versa to 7,62x51.


Enki_realenki t1_j23xz1r wrote

Sorry i missed, that only the mg3 is 7,62.


Mean_Bumblebee_9421 t1_j23ydjx wrote

Right, but putting a 7,92 barrel in and a feeding tray, it will run 8mm Mauser. The receiver and the bolt will handle both. Sometimes the muzzle has to be changed but it depends on the individual gun. So the MG42 plattform, if you want to call it that, can shoot both 7,62 and 8mm Mauser with very little changes.


Enki_realenki t1_j23zga2 wrote

Yes, at first I only had the gun sight, muzzle and the spring in mind, but as a platform with the big chamber there are plenty of options. There is also a concersion kit to shoot the Red army 7,62x39.


buymycomics t1_j229wn1 wrote

Guns aren’t funny. Bacon or no bacon.


FA985 t1_j23gexx wrote

So profound. Maybe you should learn to properly shoot one instead of getting emotional over inanimate objects