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RespectMyAuthoriteh t1_j2a895z wrote

I actually think this is helpful to get a better sense of the size and height of the unit.


fancczf t1_j2ajq00 wrote

Well it’s only helpful if it’s a standardized woman.


Snowsant t1_j2b4iks wrote

~165 cm is pretty standard for a woman.


SatanicNotMessianic t1_j2bnxr0 wrote

Americans will use any unit of measurement other than the metric system.


Fred2620 t1_j2eo3zh wrote

And even then, they'll use it wrong. If the point is to have a point of comparison, then they would say 5'5" rather than 65". Nobody tells their height in just inches, so now I have to do actual math to figure it out


AppointmentClean558 t1_j2aka4s wrote

I think it is to show ease of access to the shelves based on hight of an average person.


MoronTheBall t1_j2awdni wrote

Exactly, even if you put you prized model cars on the top, she can still reach them.


chaotic123456 t1_j2ab5tr wrote

“Honey? How tall are you?” “165cm. Why?” Perfect. Now I can finally hide my model cars where she’s never see them!


skateologist t1_j2bpwzd wrote

She could still reach, and that's... Well that's not good. Happened to me once. Still got the shelf too.


ortusdux t1_j2a6pmo wrote

It got your attention.


backhandmarco OP t1_j2a8h1q wrote

Not really, was the last slide of 7-8 images. But the good price did though


laivasika t1_j2a9rja wrote

Ohh this is usefu- no wait, shes wearing high heels! Comparison is flawed!


MyJimboPersona t1_j2appof wrote

Where the fuck is my banana!? I have no idea how tall she is without a banana. I thought all decided on this years ago to start using BFS! We already got BED for radiation, come on folks I thought we’d sorted this out already.


drmonkeytown t1_j2c9rxj wrote

I’m certain I’ve dated the woman pictured. Very pretty, but she lacked both width and depth.


wahlis t1_j2asp1h wrote

It would have been too weird to have an average height guy as reference


Derp_Herper t1_j2aw7ss wrote

As a married man, all I can think of is that this picture means I will be putting things on and taking them off of the top shelf


Hannibal254 t1_j2awe9c wrote

But she’s wearing heels! I’ll have to assume she can’t use the top two shelves unless she’s wearing heels in her home.


groovy_mcbasshands t1_j2cfys9 wrote

Perfect! Ive been needing a shelf slightly taller than that specific lady!


Successful_Ad_8686 t1_j2cmgq0 wrote

Trust me there are idiots who can't differentiate between 100 cm and 150 cm. I witnessed one at work and still can't look at them the same.


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Crushed_Panda t1_j2a771s wrote

Not gonna lie I prefer this to bananas.


Marsupialwolf t1_j2aupif wrote

According to some sites on the internet, they aren't mutually exclusive. 🤔


kittykatkin t1_j2aaum9 wrote

How big is that in relation to a football field?


Eternal-Guard t1_j2afrui wrote

This way you know where to cut to get different parts on different shelves.


laaldiggaj t1_j2b2148 wrote

You use men for ladder height and women for shelves, it's been going on for centuries.


VirtualRealms21 t1_j2bgh8y wrote

As someone who is 164 cm, I appreciate this picture


Killersmurph t1_j2bi0n8 wrote

Americans will use literally anything to avoid the metric system...


derkadoodle t1_j2cl6pd wrote

I mean it’s also in inches… it’s 6 ft tall without having to do any complicated math.


kopchickm t1_j2brlzy wrote

Anyone else notice that her legs appear to be webbed together?


Nuasus t1_j2cahp2 wrote

Is she 183 cm tall,with or without heels? Edit for cm


BigHarryMC t1_j2cbnj8 wrote

“You will only need to get something off the top shelf 1/4 of the time”


Ravekat1 t1_j2cbs4a wrote

What is the safe height to store my classic car minis?


GoblinKingLeonard t1_j2cqq2e wrote

Tell me, is the shelf as small as a smallish large woman, or is it as large as a slightly smaller medium-sized woman?


seniagmij t1_j2cs2rj wrote

Hey. My shelves are over here.


FilmoreGash t1_j2cta00 wrote

Would commenting "Nice rack" be appropriate here?


JohnPaton3 t1_j2cth4l wrote

It's a standard basic bitch unit of measurement


Responsible-Net9125 t1_j2czt9x wrote

If the woman is used for height, then by rights, the length and width could be compared against anything. This way any guy without an actual measuring device could use his premeasured penis length/girth and average womans height to work out the real world spatial dimensions. Of just about anything.

1 woman high, 2.2 penis long & 13 meatsticks thick.

What im getting at is, anything relatable can be used as a guide to put things into perspective.


DeadwoodNative t1_j2d2607 wrote

she has legs up to her….. third shelf


TrevorEnterprises t1_j2d2uhc wrote

Look at that fox being all surprised there’s a line floating next to the shelf


JeshushHC t1_j2ddza8 wrote

I bought this rack and the woman came with it.


Thamalakane t1_j2dn4lp wrote

It's a fraud, she's wearing heels.


beefchuckles42069 t1_j2dp7e2 wrote

I’m ok with her being a standard unit of measurement


Narrow_Can1984 t1_j2dt8jw wrote

Well I'm 183cm so now I know exactly how I would look standing next to her


Creative_Gap2794 t1_j2e5p06 wrote

Thank God, we have pictures, and screw the metric system. God bless America, my home sweet home.


joan_wilder t1_j2epcwa wrote

I tell you what. If I know one thing about women, it’s that they’re 183cm tall


Alematrix3r t1_j2afyg3 wrote

USA will use anything to measure but the metric system