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Own-Cupcake7586 t1_j24schy wrote

Chocolate, not cheese. Otherwise, yes.


Good_Nyborg t1_j26kk3n wrote

Yeah, been whittling down 8 lbs. of ham since Xmas dinner. The mashed potatoes were the first to go, followed by the yams, then the remains of the green bean casserole. Yet still the ham remains.


blownbythewind t1_j26lqxo wrote

Leftover ham makes killer jambalaya.


MChand87 t1_j279n7q wrote

There's a 20 mile trail of bodies behind my leftover holiday ham jambalaya!


Curlytomato t1_j27vvp2 wrote

Keep with the ham and go keto, its your best choice I say


Somnif t1_j26lrag wrote

Why not chocolate cheesecake?


MissPayne88 t1_j28uh5g wrote

I hate cheesecake so much I wrote a poem About it as a child. All I remember is the last line Cheesecake makes me sad at parties.


Zenketski_2 t1_j27abew wrote

Between the chocolate cookies and cheese I ate this holiday season, I feel like I should be a hundred pounds heavier than I am right now.

My aunt brought three different homemade cheese based appetizers to our Christmas dinner


Dubbn t1_j2990zc wrote

You sir are clearly not from the midwest...


OlderDefoNotWiser t1_j29yacf wrote

We didn’t have a ham, a ‘friend’ just bought round some ham, that’s a low trick to get rid of it


puddlejumpers t1_j24ygd2 wrote

I'm working 72 hrs this week, I literally wake and can't tell for a few seconds if I'm at home or dozed off at work.


actias_selene t1_j25wpvu wrote

Same, I kind of hate the end of the week and December because the work is always of the roof. Still happy some enjoy it though.


Kill_Frosty t1_j262air wrote

That’s pretty fucked up. Can’t imagine working those hours nevermind during the holidays.


Obnoxiousdonkey t1_j26bebn wrote

lots of people dont have family, dont celebrate christmas, or choose to work it because they get paid a lot. My uncle volunteers to work christmas and thanksgiving because his company pays double time up to 4 hours, and triple time anything over that. If i made anything close to that, you best believe im loading it up that week.


Kill_Frosty t1_j26c22r wrote

Understandable. If you have a family though I can’t imagine doing that. You only get so many together


TheERASAccount t1_j26e3pj wrote

Resident physician with a family, work “80 hours” almost every week…worked both Christmas and thanksgiving. Thankfully my kids are little so we told them Santa came early this year and did it on my post-call day.


puddlejumpers t1_j26w3bs wrote

Damn, as a physician, you're probably salary? Me, I'm all about that OT PLUS holiday pay.


chief_mdp53 t1_j27qawu wrote

Resident physician means still in training after med school. They get paid $45-60k/year for on avg 60-80hr work weeks for 3-5 years depending on specialty. So yeah perk it’s a salary. Break it down and it’s like $12-15/hr for someone who likely has a $250k+ student loan debt plus other expenses who is grossly underpaid and overworked and has to deal with life or death decisions all the time and be on top of their game while working a maximum 28hr shift per ACGME guidelines so they don’t burn out too quickly. 80hr limitations occurred because it was common for resident physicians to work 120hrs or more. Deadly mistakes were made in the past so they clamped down on it a bit, but 80-90hrs a week is very common even to this day. Hence they are called “residents” of the hospital and practically lived there.

Once you graduate, salary jumps dramatically but residents are exploited for cheap labor within our healthcare system and just wanted to point this out. Media and Reddit makes physicians out to look like fat cats who are lazy greedy money grubbing assholes who doing nothing but get paid big bucks by big pharma, but the reality is they sacrifice so much of their early years to the field of medicine that many the slightly higher salary doesn’t come close to justify the years of sacrifice they endured which is why physicians commit suicide at a higher rate vs general population (same with dentists).


Panzis t1_j2903jl wrote

The holidays? You mean last weekend and this weekend?


Kill_Frosty t1_j290acy wrote

I haven’t worked for 2 weeks lol. Most people I know take at least the week


Panzis t1_j2baz85 wrote

Brother you're making me pine for the days of yore. Maybe I'll do that next year.


Vex1111 t1_j298up4 wrote

not everyone celebrates christmas so he might be getting crazy high overtime /extra pay to cover for colleagues that are having christmas


whyunoletmepost t1_j26jnlh wrote

"Full of cheese and confused" - I can relate.


CodSeveral1627 t1_j265iu4 wrote

Im not working at all this week and its been a daze of laying in bed sleeping and watching Netflix. I was literally just wondering what day it is.

Shits awesome


Somnif t1_j26m128 wrote

I've been AT work all week, but have accomplished nothing. I'm the only one in town so I volunteered to be on hand to sign for packages. But the UPS guy has seen the empty parking lot and assumed we were closed, so just done the "attempted delivery" thing every day.

So... yeah. Very boring.


TheCrypticLegacy t1_j25sfgj wrote

I am going to be about a stone lighter come January. Been so ill this Christmas I have barely eaten. There is so much good food sat around in the house that once I am able to eat again I might just gain about 4 stone.


Cheese_Pancakes t1_j26tuvo wrote

My favorite work week of the year is between Christmas and New Years. The whole building turns into a ghost town and I can just work at my own pace and get some much needed peace and quiet.

A little sad that this week is almost over and will have to go back to random, pointless forced conversations with coworkers about the weather, the quote they got on their new roof, or whatever the hell else nobody cares to talk about.


Another_New_Day t1_j26e43b wrote

I'm fighting to get back to my 12/15 weight before Dec 31 hits

I'm not going to make it


HeNARWHALry t1_j26af67 wrote

Went skiing in France for a week so festive ended 7 days early and full of cheese started a lot earlier. Still unsure of the day no matter how often I look. Can’t wait for fat!


reticulatedjig t1_j262n10 wrote

Oh look at this guy, with days off between Xmas and new years


Coffeeffex t1_j26hoox wrote

Please stop posting nudes of me online!


ItsMeTK t1_j269y3n wrote

I want some indie band to put out an album with that middle image and call it “Confused, Full of Cheese”.


caalger t1_j26lknv wrote

Dead on. January in particular.


Blue_Nyx07 t1_j26w7es wrote

im just fat the whole time


ToanZodiac t1_j279cd6 wrote

I'm not fat. I'm festively plump!


ArtVandalay47 t1_j27u9bd wrote

I've been dieting since july. I lose around 10lbs a month.

I was dreading the holidays. I lost 50lbs in 5 months.

I fell off the diet wagon 2 weeks ago.. In that time I have gained back 15lbs.

A months and a half work gone in only 2 weeks.

No worries though. I'm jumping back on the wagon this sunday.

What's amazing is how much I already feel like shit by not dieting and exercising. I'm already looking forward to getting back to it.

For those out there. Don't let the holidays ruin you. We can do this together. And we'll all shine on this summer!

Good luck and god bless.


HappyPhage t1_j2550d0 wrote

Ha, joke's on you, I'm not having holidays!

... Bullocks


UkrUkrUkr t1_j25ds0j wrote

Your boss is having them for you. What a nice and helpful boss you have!


doofy77 t1_j26hpps wrote

Perhaps a mule or a horse would be more suitable.


Lorenaelsalulz t1_j25xe0l wrote

This is meirl. I even asked Alexa what day today was because I had no clue


ThaneOfCawdorrr t1_j26fa1w wrote

Don't forget Feb-Dec: working endlessly to lose the fat, finally succeeding.

And then the cycle starts again.


Jester244 t1_j26h1aq wrote

I lost weight. Stress is a hell of a thing.


ikalwewe t1_j26xq8y wrote

Me and my son to go on holiday to the states for a month every year and every time we head back to Japan , I weigh myself and i' m about 2kg heavier 😢


Zenketski_2 t1_j27a7kv wrote

Can someone please explain to me why I ate at least 6 lb of cheese over the holidays?


rachelface927 t1_j27q6gd wrote

Just today, me leaving work: “See you tomorrow.”

Boss: “…You work tomorrow?”

Me: “…Yeah, tomorrow’s Friday.”

“Wait. What’s today?”

“Today is Thursday. See you tomorrow.”


Ray1340 t1_j268vq6 wrote




Rengar- t1_j26hgc2 wrote

This one got a good chuckle out of me. Haha. Thanks for sharing.


rycapps t1_j26jf25 wrote

Fuck, I've time traveled to January.


tmccrn t1_j279643 wrote

The cheese is doing it to me


solojones1138 t1_j27bjib wrote

All y'all people who don't have to work this week, I envy you


caanthedalek t1_j27c8hq wrote

Help, I've done something wrong and now I'm forever stuck on step 2


ValiantDeers t1_j27hovv wrote

I too am full of cheese and mildly unsure of the day


Evo-Elemental t1_j27i9l2 wrote

13 of November to the 26th of December*


cxm404 t1_j27yzir wrote

Luckily I've had the flu for the last four days. Only eaten about three substantial meals in that entire time. I'd more than likely be fat and confused right now, but I'm borderline delirious


androshalforc1 t1_j28rsi2 wrote

i think im at stage 2 but unsure if today falls into that date range.


lyingliar t1_j28v6va wrote

Seems pretty healthy. I continue getting fatter from Halloween through New Years. Oh, and then through Valentine's Day because winter sucks.


ltlwl t1_j296e8s wrote

Credit: Hurrah for Gin


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ItsameMatt03 t1_j26naq7 wrote

Has it already been ten years since this was first posted on Facebook?


AloofSigma6 t1_j26z9t8 wrote

the trick is to not eat for a month ...


Firetail1710 t1_j276ft1 wrote

confused and full of cheese, just as sheogorath intended


Sandscarab t1_j277prw wrote

I feel like that last figure needs a smile on their face.


k_lly_urself t1_j278ocr wrote

I don’t understand what happened


Huttser17 t1_j27b3na wrote

I could go for a cheeeeese right now


yelyakskye t1_j27ckx4 wrote

Cheese, chocolate, eggnog


WolfOnHigh t1_j27dbyf wrote

The cheese - it is inevitable!


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j27eo8x wrote

Been good all year… 2 cheat days in a row of just all the treats wrecked me for days. Total sugar crash out. Don’t even drink anymore haha, the cheese platter got me dog. Put me down with the pepperoni


rowan771 t1_j28bhus wrote

I actually, somehow, lost a kilo over christmas. Maybe I should go to the doctor


MIKE_son_of_MICHAEL t1_j29haf3 wrote

I mean. Idk about this. As an American, I am working between Christmas and New Years, I dont get that week off.

Im pretty damn aware of the day of the week.


FriendLost9587 OP t1_j2a11wy wrote

This really only is relatable if you take that week off. A lot of people save their PTO and take this time off.


MIKE_son_of_MICHAEL t1_j2a7kip wrote

For some reason my company has a rule about using PTO for days before or after paid holidays


Crix-B t1_j26l7yw wrote

Y'all are getting fat?


elcid2023 t1_j26ubwy wrote

I just choked eating my cheetos!




Frency2 t1_j266fap wrote

You underestimate my metabolism and my healthy diet.