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Josette22 t1_j1w9c73 wrote

That's not funny. Woe to you. :-l


Finsceal OP t1_j1whkp0 wrote

You're offended, which I'm guessing means you're religious.

I'm sorry for offending you.

Having said that, you wished 'woe' upon me. Hoping that something bad happens your fellow man isn't particularly christian, is it?


Josette22 t1_j1wiq7d wrote

The only reason I said "Woe to you" is that you'll see when Jesus Christ returns. I only use that phrase when I encounter outright Blasphemy.


The_Countess t1_j1wnwf3 wrote

>when Jesus Christ returns.

You guys have been saying that for 2000 years now. Any report on his progress?


Finsceal OP t1_j1y83tn wrote

I wish you no ill will friend, and I certainly don't relish the day that you may or may not get judged by a deity, but it sounds like I'm a better person than you