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lnsewn12 t1_j1iyj2n wrote

Kitchen scales are incredibly useful for baking. If you track food macros they’re great too. I paid like $12 for mine and it’s worked fine for years.

If you’re making edibles you do need to weigh cannabis to calculate dosage.

The only dumb part is oregano because why not use real weed.


hotpea t1_j1jc60y wrote

Because they would get fired if it was real weed


lnsewn12 t1_j1jlcr7 wrote

Didn’t say anywhere this was for a job?


hotpea t1_j1jzueo wrote

I think this type of gift exchange is more popular in the workplace than outside of it. But true, it could be at home. That just means it would violate the given price parameters, which is usually a gift between 20-30 bux


pressNjustthen t1_j1jj7xt wrote

Obviously it’s because of the $25 dollar limit. Don’t want your boss getting mad because you cheated at the game.