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masters_of_disasters t1_j28b0pg wrote

My spidey sense is tingling with a moving target, a 5 mph wind coming from the south and a 45m drop in elevation.


Fit-Representative-6 t1_j28l6qd wrote

I was more interested in the yoyo's in the picture. Does that make me weird?


Headake01 t1_j28opzw wrote

Time to find another excuse to kill MJ!


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[deleted] t1_j28npn0 wrote

instant kill activated


[deleted] t1_j28vlnx wrote

Oh shiit I saw these in vietnam back in 2019. Commando crawl Spider-Man!


OceanTheSeawing t1_j292ytw wrote

"ages 3+"


mycatiskai t1_j2c1j8a wrote

Only the 3 + though 3 = or - and they will choke on the small plastic gun. Another life taken by guns in America.


echochambers_suck t1_j29o85q wrote

Spiderman: You know hell with getting my ass kicked and making a comeback. Fly your ass in that open spot Green Goblin. I got something for dat azz.


ktigaris t1_j2art8d wrote

Ahh the new merch for the multiverse is dropping 😆 Must be a good friend of Spider Noir


DjRavix t1_j2asmv6 wrote

The amazing sniper man … yeah


IFinkUStink t1_j2883be wrote

Spiderman active school shooter!