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Monsi_ggnore t1_j2c3gtc wrote

No, it doesn’t.

This thing doesn’t open eggs, it just causes the first crack that let’s you peel them.

Which is why the word broadly translates to egg(planned)crackmaker.

The term is intentionally over the top technical as a joke.


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j2c3y37 wrote

I know, I was making a joke about ridiculous German compound words.

The exact same item is actually marketed in English as an "Eggshell Topper Cutter Remover."


yeeeshwtf t1_j2co310 wrote

It actually does open them. Its meant for opening soft boiled aka minute eggs, not hard boiled.


Monsi_ggnore t1_j2cv6mf wrote

Nope. Both the word and the design will tell you that you’re wrong.

You put the egg under the “hat” at the bottom, then lift the sphere above the “hat” up to the end of the rod and let it go. When it hits the egg it will create a small break in the shell of the egg.


yeeeshwtf t1_j2cvint wrote

Lol which is exactly what tells you i am correct.

The egg in question will be sitting in a little cup to hold it upright. This tool gives a nice clean hole with minimal risk of getting bits of shell in the soft egg innards. Its just heing used wrong by a large enough percent of people that you get silly crap like you're thinking


[deleted] t1_j2cw9o6 wrote



yeeeshwtf t1_j2cwlj8 wrote

"Ive never seen this tool in use" would have saved you some typing there


Monsi_ggnore t1_j2cx1k3 wrote

You mean like this?

It breaks the shell and then you can peel off the top. Cya


yeeeshwtf t1_j2cx9h5 wrote

As you post a vid of it.. opening the shell.

You dont pic the shell off, you eat it straight out of the shell. Normally the egg isnt fully hard boiled though some still eat them this way at any level of cook.

Its amazing you STILL think you're right here 🤦‍♂️


Monsi_ggnore t1_j2cxqmv wrote

You need to learn what the word “open” means apparently. When you got that, you can proceed to the word “hole” and as a bonus check the video for all the soft boiled and even rare eggs that they use it on.

The tool breaks the shell. Period. It’s up to you to remove the top and thereby create a “hole”. You can even see in the first few seconds of the video how that is done. Cognitive dissonance much?


yeeeshwtf t1_j2cye6k wrote

I think YOU need to relearn what "open" means. And why are you trying to reverse course from "it just cracks it for easy peeling" and doubling down so hard on being wrong wrong?


Medium-Comfortable t1_j2d59ba wrote

And that's where you are wrong. As I have one of those, I can guarantee you, it doesn`t open the egg. The crack is not completely going through, and even if, you'd still have to open the egg. It does not form an opening. It creates a predetermined breaking line. Therefore its not an egg opener. How can I describe it... it is a >!causer for predetermined breaking lines in egg shells!< ... yup.


Ronny_Jotten t1_j2f9tcx wrote

It's meant for cracking egg shells. There is no restriction that it must only ever be used for soft-boiled eggs, never for hard-boiled (the manufacturer of the "Clack" says it's for "boiled eggs", and has a photo that appears to be hard-boiled) or raw eggs (as shown in the photo you linked). The idea that this is "wrong" use by people is just your wrong opinion.