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RabbitsRuse t1_j5vpnij wrote

My wife had a roommate who would do this and other things. He’d stick them to the kitchen ceiling and they’d stay there for months. Then it would finally fall down taking a patch of the paint with it.


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hobosbindle t1_j5v6kry wrote

Now it’s an experiment and can be wagered on


viper7747 t1_j5v6y4i wrote

While you're up there, look at the footprints on the ceiling.


pichael288 t1_j5vabum wrote

Middle school was a more innocent time


Goodcons t1_j5ve7nz wrote

That must be a high class of cheese.


Windyandbreezy t1_j5vegmw wrote

We use to have a ceiling like this in our cafeteria. We use to throw forks in it.


downloweast t1_j5vnb6r wrote

Prime example of not my job. Don’t get me wrong, teacher have enough to deal with.


Realdude65 t1_j5wqj17 wrote

At my HS it was thing sit a pat of butter on a fork and catapult it up to the ceiling where it would stick until it got warm enough to melt and fall. If you happened to not look up before sitting down, you could end up with butter in your hair or food.


Impressive-Lie-9290 t1_j5yqwdr wrote

I would've put the 'Learning Zone' sign away, too. Clearly it doesn't belong on the wall.