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ba5eline t1_j5eqih8 wrote

what… toilet paper? the pooped stained toilet paper must go somewhere else? where??? in the now stinky garbage can next to the shitter????


blamordeganis t1_j5etwvi wrote

Yup. Small diameter pipes, can’t handle it. Also common in Greece (or at least on some of the islands, or at least on some of the islands ~20 years ago).


Somerset-316 t1_j5etp6l wrote

I learned a couple of years ago that many, if not most, countries don't have plumbing that can handle TP, so it has to go into the trashcan. I need to know more about how people handle the stank issue.


O-Clock t1_j5j38bb wrote

Usually they clean their asses with water and just use the paper to dry it. So the tp is just wet and no smell. Asian countries tend to do it that way.


robotlou t1_j5eq035 wrote

Wait… you aren’t allowed to stand on the seat facing the wall with shoes or bare feet? So, socks only? That seems kind of dangerously slippery. But if you really want to drop a duece Bomber-style you need to have the height to get the satisfying splash.


tan-499 t1_j5epd98 wrote

And you can't pee on the floor? Well gee what CAN you do there!?


Electronic_Permit300 t1_j5epbgf wrote

Erdogan will make breakdancing Legal again when Finland gives him his 150 Kurds.


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SushiGrayedd t1_j5er4lt wrote

I've been going bottom right this whole time.... Are you meaning to tell me I've been doing it wrong?


Somerset-316 t1_j5etzzj wrote

I feel like there are some stories behind the specifics of this poster


StoopidHippie t1_j5eudr1 wrote

So, do you have to sit to piss in Turkish restrooms?