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Matisaro t1_j6m1kgg wrote

Now he is the international hide and seek champion!


GANDORF57 t1_j6p0thg wrote

"How do you say. 'ollie ollie oxen free' in Malay?"


flamingstorm98 t1_j6nkdxz wrote

Ah I thunk a certain man with a 12 year hide and seek champion of 12 years

Is he alive no but he tecnecly has the record


shirva123 t1_j6m24p3 wrote

Was he alive? I am genuinely worried


Open5escrets t1_j6mlrc9 wrote

Was a shipping container full of beer and twinkies and spam


kerred t1_j6mt78v wrote

Probably more alive than when ham traffickers leave people in containers?

Now I'm sad


Glocks10mike t1_j6o1upi wrote

Nothing to worry about. How many people get to die a winner?


Glocks10mike t1_j6o1sp5 wrote

Nothing to worry about. How many people get to die a winner?


TheBlue69 t1_j6lzuza wrote

Did he win though?


predictingzepast t1_j6m1k5h wrote

No, says right in the title he was found..


RemarkableNebula OP t1_j6m34jb wrote

His friends weren’t looking after a week I can assure you


Nzdiver81 t1_j6mfs4q wrote

After a week, wouldn't everyone be looking for him?


Toidal t1_j6n0v1q wrote

At age 15? Pretty sure his friends were playing a prank on convincing him to go hide while they went off and did something else.


FBI_Agent_82 t1_j6n1x5h wrote

Do you think he'll be ok in there?

We'll be back in an hour. What's the worst thing that could happen?


kaspar42 t1_j6m8ckc wrote

Hiding outside the agreed upon area means you lose by default.

That's Hide&Seek basics.


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_j6lzygi wrote

Only if the other guys were still playing


Broomguy t1_j6mp908 wrote

Well I'm hoping since their friend was missing for a week, they were probably still looking for him


Open5escrets t1_j6mlv04 wrote

If you take hide and seek seriously you usually have a time limit and sometimes a bounded area


Apprehensive_Bug_826 t1_j6lzp59 wrote

That’s how the pros do it. Must’ve been training for the world championships.


octhell t1_j6n1plz wrote

he got extremely lucky. this dumb fuck could be dead now


TheAtrocityArchive t1_j6mdglk wrote

Almost as good as Bin Laden, pretty sure he still holds the record tho.


ShatteredFantasy t1_j6mu4kq wrote

On one hand, I can imagine someone being that stupid... But on the other, I'm not convinced this was simply a game of "Hide and Seek"...


sihasihasi t1_j6or4k8 wrote

Yeah. It's not possible to lock yourself into a shipping container.


Snip_zero t1_j6n1l2g wrote

He’s good, but the reigning world champion is still Amelia Earhart.


hybridmike772 t1_j6mn11v wrote

I don't think u can survive without water for a week


Lucky-Drink3095 t1_j6mnvyn wrote

He prob had a bottle of something on him


Free_hugs_for_3fiddy t1_j6nbkin wrote

I don't know about you, but I don't carry a water bottle while playing H&S. You probably had a bench everyone left their water next to.


Hage_Yuuna t1_j6ncrge wrote

And that's why you've never managed to successfully hide for a week.


Lucky-Drink3095 t1_j6nij55 wrote

I remember having a backpack. PSP, granola bars, a hand gun (plastic one) and a few juice boxes.

We took that shit seriously. Our forest area was massive


Free_hugs_for_3fiddy t1_j6o3j8g wrote

Ooh amateur mistake on the backpack part. That's just something for me to grab onto and yank you back when I try to tag you.

Gotta be unburdened if you want to be the fastest on the field.


Lucky-Drink3095 t1_j6o4v0n wrote

Nope, I was a climber. I was the kid at the tip of the tree where nobody could see unless it was fall.


Additional_Share_551 t1_j6no3ij wrote

You can. As long as you were hydrated before hand


hybridmike772 t1_j6nou7o wrote

This is the longest I could find it saying how long:

"Without water, a person can die after 3 days, and usually no one can survive for more than 5-6 days. Dr. Claude Piantadosi of North Carolina's Duke University says 100 hours is around the limit."

Maybe he was in there for one business week lol


TotallyTrash3d t1_j6oliuo wrote

If anything, he is closer to being the absolute hide and seek player then the best.

Almost the entire planet knows he hid in that container.

For most of us its only 5-10 people knowing maybe dozens or a hundred.

But this kid has multiple millions if not BILLIONS of people finding out about where he hid.

His +- (K/d) will NEVER recover!


Grievance69 t1_j6otoi5 wrote

Doesn't make sense how he survived without water and food for 6+ days, that is unheard of, you need at least water.


AnemosMaximus t1_j6m8xd3 wrote

The 🏆 champ 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


cutlasfury t1_j6mnv8d wrote

What 15 year old still plays 'hide and seek' AND doesn't understand the risks of hiding in a storage container?


bondhanu t1_j6n6l77 wrote

6 days without food or water. Lucky to be alive.


MadMattt t1_j6mpu05 wrote

That's funny, but this whole thing reeks of human trafficking


zero_four t1_j6og2b8 wrote

These containers sometimes travels for many weeks on ships.


wtfsihtbn t1_j6mdigh wrote

I’d be telling the cops that too…


Hekseda t1_j6meqz3 wrote

His game of hide and seek was intense, ended up in a container and made a trans-continental fence!


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FalseTebibyte t1_j6m9wic wrote

Based on Internet Memes, it's not far off to assume who his real father is.


Ceraphas t1_j6mhe2a wrote

Those people always giving 110% are the worst


Sum3-yo t1_j6mnf18 wrote

All hail the champion!


danauns t1_j6n27ld wrote

I'm not sure that the port authorities were sworn into the match that the hider is participating in.

Section 7, part B of the Handbook states: That though found, the game should continue. The ineligible seekers are now sworn under IHAS protocols to not tattle on the hiders location.

Game on folks.


realevilemo t1_j6niyhl wrote

Got nothing on Gob in the boulder.


Gabriele1966 t1_j6nj7es wrote

You'd think at 15, the kid should know better. 🙄


loydsadin t1_j6nkhqc wrote

i have to try this


Vampire-Priest t1_j6p8qvh wrote

Luke Skywalker in the sequels proved to be the superior hide & seeker


CanIStopAdultingNow t1_j6mszmc wrote

Who plays hide and seek at age 15??


rustyisme123 t1_j6obzk6 wrote

Plenty of kids with younger siblings, cousins, or neighborhood friends.


Longjumping_Bid_2651 t1_j6opqsp wrote

Teenagers who find it fun. Sorry to shit on your salad, but I thought you wanted to stop adulting?


CanIStopAdultingNow t1_j6otpwg wrote

Yes, because I'm an adult.

When I was 15, I would have been "too cool" to play hide & seek unless I was babysitting.

Not saying teens can't play. Just saying it seems odd.


Longjumping_Bid_2651 t1_j6oy22e wrote

I think it was the original way your comment came across. And yeah, adult here too- I still play hide and seek with the rest of the neighbourhood. No one is too old to have fun lol.

Guess different areas have different social perceptions?