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Stickysocks182 t1_j5uk28g wrote

Make a metal album cover with that ultrasound face design.


Mal-Capone t1_j5vwr1x wrote

it's an ep album and not metal, buuuuuut...


kaigem t1_j5v1lgi wrote

The “woaaaahhh” face just being regular cats is a nice touch.


gerwen t1_j5vahhl wrote

The last panel is genius. Can't stop giggling.


RahvinDragand t1_j5vfpz4 wrote

Do babies open their eyes in the womb?


CharizardCharms t1_j5wfiez wrote

Yes, at about 26 weeks! The last ultrasound I got they got a picture of its face with the eyes open and it was the creepiest thing ever


Generico300 t1_j5w5064 wrote

Yes. But also the uterus doesn't come with lights pre-installed, so it's pitch dark in there unless you're shining a really bright light on mom's belly.


MidasPL t1_j5xp5q9 wrote

Actually, during the day, it might be bright enough to read a book... If the baby had any.


AdvonKoulthar t1_j5xtgm5 wrote

But babies in the womb don’t have any books… or do they?


qdp t1_j5xwdn4 wrote

Probably would rather borrow mommy's phone and listen to Baby Shark on repeat ad nauseum.


Responsible-Risk9404 t1_j5vhrbm wrote

Don't think so, but we also don't exactly know as we can't watch 24/7 das submariner lol. Also human babies can open their eyes near right after birth so it is very possible.


I_LilMagician_I t1_j5wwwjp wrote

What a coincidence, just had an ultrasound today at 36 weeks and his eyes were about halfway open. So, yes!


hayzeh t1_j5ugwss wrote

All they know is these walls!


ChasingPesmerga t1_j5w1vdy wrote

I don’t understand Reddit’s subscription feature.

I’ve already followed this user a year ago because I’ve always loved their works/comics but I still have to stumble upon their work in Hot or Popular to see their new works.


Sylanthra t1_j5vpx94 wrote

I don't get it, is it saying that the baby sees the inside of the mother before the outside?


cemeteryofdeath t1_j5us7gi wrote

I can hear the Interstellar theme mix with Morpheus. Help!


ZetzMemp t1_j5vpcek wrote

Babies aren’t seeing anything before they are born.


Big-Result-9294 t1_j5x791p wrote

Their eyes function, it’s just pretty dark in the womb.


ZetzMemp t1_j5x7qgv wrote

“At birth, a newborn's eyesight is between 20/200 and 20/400”, so “function” is about as loose as saying “pretty dark” when literally in complete darkness.


Big-Result-9294 t1_j5x7tyu wrote

What I’m saying is that the eyes technically function, but they can’t see.


ZetzMemp t1_j5x7zi3 wrote

Which leads me back to my original comment, babies aren’t seeing anything before they are born. Your comment is needless is what I’m saying.


zankypoo t1_j5xfxhm wrote

Not kittens. Blind for several weeks after being born. Blind before then.


SkyHighDragon_ t1_j5w4c5v wrote

That face from the ultrasound, no joke, looks almost exactly like I did in my ultrasound picture. Babies are fucking weird.


penguini444 t1_j5wlykl wrote

They Live. What a great bad movie.


90daylimitedwarranty t1_j5vyzst wrote

Can anyone explain the joke to me?


benitopjuarez t1_j5w1t8m wrote

The baby also sees the inside of the mother (her womb) before seeing her face/outside, and vice versa.


90daylimitedwarranty t1_j5w28cv wrote

The two cats in the last panel is the baby seeing her inside? Can ou explain how you got that from that last panel? I'm still lost.


benitopjuarez t1_j5w313m wrote

I think the last panel is just the two parent cats having a sudden clarity clarence moment when they realize the baby too is only seeing the momma cat's insides, and they turn lifelike for some reason


90daylimitedwarranty t1_j5w4ktt wrote

Ug, so it doesn't end on the joke, the joke is in the middle somewhere?


Full_Temperature_920 t1_j5wmv75 wrote

No, the real joke is that the last panel is a drawing of a meme where a cat seemingly gets transcendent knowledge. So the comic is parodying them gaining this sudden epiphany of knowledge. You'd have to be familiar with the meme to understand truly appreciate it. Idk if links are allowed but here's a YouTube video about what I mean. It's called cat transcendence-limitless


benitopjuarez t1_j5xsfzs wrote

Yup I guess the joke is that BOTH the baby and the momma are seeing each others' insides.


IchirouTakashima t1_j5w03s3 wrote

I need some explanation. I don't get this


benitopjuarez t1_j5w1st6 wrote

The baby also sees the inside of the mother (her womb) before seeing her face/outside, and vice versa.


Fantastic_Year9607 t1_j5xiv6k wrote

MRIs of fetuses always look like cursed alien goblins. Wet cats look like cursed alien goblins. Thus, a MRI of an cat fetus would look like an extra-cursed goblin from deep space.


SaucyNote_11 t1_j5vd3ri wrote



benitopjuarez t1_j5w1txc wrote

The baby also sees the inside of the mother (her womb) before seeing her face/outside, and vice versa.


imKel t1_j5vpkwb wrote

You, you’re okay. This one, real fuckin’ ugly!


Deruta t1_j5w9ily wrote

My favorite quote from my wife is still “I made two eyes today! Well… eye holes anyway.”


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CosmicOwl47 t1_j5vb9yt wrote

Thought I was in r/ImSorryJon


watchingdacooler t1_j5w2plg wrote

Getting major Avocato from Final Space vibes.


PsychoSpider88 t1_j5y1d9j wrote

I think it's weirder that female cats are capable of storing sperm, they'll mate with several partners creating a complete and genetically diverse healthy litter. That's why kittens can be different colors.


Squeaky_Ben t1_j5ygfo1 wrote

Funny. Ultrasound that gives MRI images.


WizogBokog t1_j60mjmn wrote

the joke barely landed for me, but that last frame is pure art.


Dependent-Routine-94 t1_j63b9wq wrote

Nah, the baby sees nothing unless you've got a light inside of you.


Bruce4134 t1_j5w1t08 wrote

That's some deep weed meditation thoughts.


LordRumBottoms t1_j5ylkkp wrote

Yes but does it arrive looking to kick ass and chew bubble gum?


ldb477 t1_j5z35n8 wrote

Showerthoughts something something cats don’t like showers [audience laughs]


zankypoo t1_j5xfvfo wrote

But they are cats. And cats can't see till several weeks after being born. So all they see is darkness and then see the outside. So there is no joke. Only an idiot artist.


the_noi t1_j5xzmu8 wrote

They’re drawn as cats, but these comics (which are awesome imo) are clearly largely biographical of the (human) artists life.


[deleted] t1_j5uufjt wrote



matteb18 t1_j5v50lx wrote

Then how exactly can you see the inside of the mother with an echo if you can't also see inside the baby?


RolloutTieDispenser t1_j5v3e4k wrote

Maybe I'm getting whooshed, but what do you mean that you can't see inside of a baby/fetus with ultrasound (*echo)? They do ultrasounds on pregnant women all the time, especially around 20 weeks gestation when a typical detailed anatomy scan is done.


Phydaux t1_j5v56bn wrote

Of course you can see inside a baby with an ultrasound scan, looking inside people is literally what they are for. If you want to examine the outside of a person you just use your eyes


DirkBabypunch t1_j5va52p wrote

>If you want to examine the outside of a person you just use your eyes

Not anymore, according to this new court order I've got!


Good-Candidate3044 t1_j5vmamp wrote

Not a baby, A clump of cells.


Delta_br t1_j5woygz wrote

and then he said "its politicin time" and politicated every comment section on reddit