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cloudywater1 OP t1_j6gc12w wrote

That’s my thought, repo man gotta work for this one


Tiny-Impression3526 t1_j6gfahi wrote

Worst, teenagers with USB cables and TikTok accounts.


bennypres t1_j6ggwnb wrote

I just posted something along those lines. So you’re also seeing teens with screwdrivers, USB, cables, etc posting car thefts on social media?


AntelopeRecent7578 t1_j6gofyj wrote

No, we're seeing them in person stealing everyone's cars.


bennypres t1_j6grt90 wrote

No shit, Sherlock. But my question was related to a perceived influx in thefts being uploaded to social media apps. Go find another thread to intrude with your nonsense


TANTRUM27X t1_j6gupit wrote

Yes, that was your question and they said "no" to answer it. Then gave you their reasoning instead of the one you offered. They did nothing wrong. Maybe step away from the computer for a min and take a breath.


bennypres t1_j6gushg wrote

Can you read? Or do you prefer manipulating information? Asides from a true webpage, where else do they post videos of car thefts? At their local community centre bulletin board?


TANTRUM27X t1_j6gv7wa wrote

I think I and everyone else can read that you think you own the comments and can dictate what others are allowed to respond, Yes. What I prefer, is people to conduct themself with reason and maturity. Seems I may have made a mistake here starting this conversation. My apologies. I'll see myself out.


bennypres t1_j6gvixm wrote

I don’t own anything here. I am simply standing my ground because somebody chose to make a snide comment, and probably thought they were being clever. Sadly, and on multiple accounts by separate people, there was a lack of consideration towards whether my question was misconstrued. Why not just ask somebody to reiterate the question?

I asked you a series of questions, but I did not ask you to leave. And I don’t really mind you being here. Since when is passive aggressiveness congruent with maturity? I see plenty of the former, but I’m curious where the latter is. You seek something you don’t posses yourself, which is ironic. And it’s your intrusive, holier-than-thou behaviour I’m not particularly fond of. Your lack of questions and ability to step back from the situation seem to suggest a lack of reason (you jumped in hung-ho without asking questions then abruptly decided to leave).

And here we are down the rabbit hole, completely astray from my initial question regarding whether you are also seeing car theft videos being posted on social apps more now than before.


WellThisSix t1_j6jrhgi wrote

Third party here, what did you gain from this exchange?


bennypres t1_j6jrsa2 wrote

Hello, third party. To answer your question, I stuck to myself — I don’t care about popularity. What have you gained from asking me such question? Sincerely, Benny


GJenkins675 t1_j6igrso wrote

Repo man will just hook up to the tongue on the end of the house, package deal.