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Liar_tuck t1_j6l3xsp wrote

That sounds like something a robot would say.


Closetedcousin t1_j6lmj9w wrote

Don't post pictures like this, this is how AI learning works.


dblan9 t1_j6kwnbj wrote

I will cut my hands off before the robots can kill me. Take that!


1pt21gigawattos t1_j6maeq4 wrote

FR tho...can AI really not get around those?? They can drive cars and pass MBA entrance exams but they can't click a box?


old_righty t1_j6o6fej wrote

I watched a security video a while back, tons of info they can pull from a logon page. How long it takes to do things, order, how consistently, etc. You get patterns that stand out that are bots. Maybe they always click on the center of the box? Stuff like that.


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Fr00shy t1_j6m84ab wrote

Did he order a soul from Amazon? Did he get the free shipping? We have 3-5 business days to fix this.


State-Cultural t1_j6mh0pp wrote

Lol - exactly as my fever dreams have predicted


TwelveInchBic t1_j6n3lrt wrote

I feel sorry for that lonely robot who is only looking for a friend.

Is no one a robot? 🥺


Useful-Plan8239 t1_j6nbhrv wrote

The robot does not even need a human hand for this. As long as it can point and click, we are done.


Igr051618 t1_j6ngu4z wrote

My thoughts at 3 am be like


EddieMcDowall t1_j6nu81r wrote

Do they have bots checking if you've checked the 'I am not a bot' box?