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KnightOfTerra OP t1_j63s0y0 wrote

Yes, it is. I have to buy it for my mother, she struggles with the TV one.


klemmo t1_j677qcg wrote

Same. Are you constantly fetching milk & prescriptions too?


KnightOfTerra OP t1_j67r2oj wrote

Oh, constantly ordering prescriptions! Thankfully she gets them delivered, otherwise I'd never be away from the chemist!


McLower t1_j695pgu wrote

You’re a good person, sounds like your mom is lucky to have you!


KnightOfTerra OP t1_j697xuv wrote

Aww, thank you! That means a lot! I'm actually her full-time unpaid carer so it all comes with the job.


Total-Khaos t1_j66wiib wrote

I live that life every day too. Like I am living the same day over-and-over again.