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cowanr6 t1_j63udbk wrote

FUNNY! It took me a second, but it will make my day! Thanks for sharing…!


RPDRNick t1_j63uyy8 wrote

Did anyone outside of the US know what Groundhog Day even was before that movie existed?


solidpeyo t1_j63zbju wrote

I'm surprised people still watch cable or any kind of tv. For me is all streaming via the internet.


andybno1 t1_j64a0yt wrote

it's a yearly tradition they started maybe 5 years ago


Zurc_bot t1_j64u41w wrote

They should have made a sequel and just played the first movie


Eoin_McLove t1_j653abu wrote

Reminds me of the fact that the volume on the BBC iPlayer goes to 11 after they showed Spinal Tap a few years ago.


Noreaster0 t1_j65e55t wrote

Well it looks like someone will have their Phil of movie viewing that day.


MrEffenWhite t1_j65rmad wrote

This is exactly what MisterEffenWhite's schedule looks like on February 2nd.


Megatea t1_j65yxm4 wrote

I don't think so. It would certainly have been obscure pub quiz knowledge if they did. It's a good celebration though. Glad that it promoted it. Now I try to watch the film on groundhog day and check the forecast from the groundhog. He's basically as accurate at predicting the end of winter in the UK as he is in the USA.


Fritzoidfigaro t1_j666j1o wrote

I signed up for Zoom (maybe Voom) satellite service years ago because they were one of the firsts with HD TV. They did not last long but they played Groundhog Day back to back on every single channel for 24 hours.


phred_666 t1_j66jxjg wrote

In the US, the channel AMC is doing the same thing. Running the movie “Groundhog Day” over and over starting at 11:00 AM ET.


cherry_b03b t1_j67db6t wrote

Sounds like a typical Saturday for me from age 4-6


CeddyDT t1_j67lca7 wrote

Imagine you really live in Groundhog Day. You could watch Groundhog Day nonstop for the rest of your life


PhaedrusC t1_j67q0ho wrote

I still had satellite tv up to about 10 years ago, switched first to torrents then gradually over to streaming. (I still torrent some movies and sport events)

Over here, many people still have satellite, and it's a bit of a puzzle since the cost is quite high. Only (sort of) excuse they have is that it has a whole lot of live sport coverage, I just download the few events I want to watch a day or two after, works for me. Outside of the sport the shows are pretty pathetic, compared with streaming options.