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pharmdocmark t1_j5xu25f wrote

I’m reading “Ta-Kow,” as in “KaPow,” haha. I would’ve written “Tah-Koh.” But, each to his/her own perception. :)


Canadian_Burnsoff t1_j5zhoml wrote

I'm assuming that kow is supposed to rhyme with tow and not cow? I'm also assuming that I'm not the only one suddenly mentally pronouncing cow and tow wrong.


username32768 t1_j5zk4p1 wrote

Same here. Was fulling expecting to see a 60's Batman comic strip showing "Ta-Kow" while Batman slaps the Joker.


Oldamog t1_j5xtchw wrote

Almost wish there were squiggly lines and dots to aid pronunciation...


DmSam t1_j5xqk1n wrote

This is the white American pronunciation.


SensitiveAd5962 t1_j5y4pac wrote

It's like a Swedish intern reading the menu to come up pokemon names. "Go choretzo" "chor-chor"


XBThodler t1_j5xr0oo wrote

Quesadilla got me 😃


CookiePush t1_j5xq2lj wrote

This could also do well posted in r/Crappy design and r/DontUnderstandSpanishPhonics


Ishouldntbecommentin t1_j5yjy8o wrote

I contend that OP was pronouncing it “right” the whole time: they’re just reading this “wrong”. When your car breaks down mid-transit, do you call a “Thao” truck or a “Toe” truck? And, if you‘d say “Buh-ree-tow,” why’d one assume ”Cow” for… why am I even typing this? Who is my audience? Frickin’ ne’rmind.


WhydoIexistlmoa OP t1_j615nol wrote

Kow can sound like cow because the "K" can be similar to a "C" sound. It's the same as the word potato which has different pronunciations.


Ishouldntbecommentin t1_j6brzsj wrote

OP, if this type of thing interests you, please read ANY book by Steven Pinker. My personal favorite of his is, “The Stuff of Thought,” which - if memory serves - is the third book in two different trilogies. I’m about to open it to a random page to give you an excerpt so you may have a better idea of whether or not it is something that’d interest you:

“One of the reasons I explained verb constructions in chapter 2 was that they show that even our most quotidian acts can be framed in different ways, such as the difference between ‘spraying paint on the wall’ (cause the paint to go) and ‘spraying the wall with paint’ (cause the wall to change).

”Within cognitive psychology the most famous example of the effects of framing comes from an experiment by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, who posed the following problem to a sample of doctors: ‘A new strain of flu is expected to kill 600 people. Two programs to combat the disease have been proposed.’ Some of the doctors were then presented with the following dilemma:

”If program A is adopted, 200 people will be saved. If program B is adopted, there is a one-third probability that 600 people will be saved and a two-thirds probability that no people will be saved. Which of the two programs would you favor?

”If you’re like most doctors who were given this choice, you will pick program A, the sure option, rather than program B, the risky one. The other set of doctors was presented with a different dilemma:

”If program C is adopted, 400 people will die. If program D is adopted, there is a one-third probability that nobody will die, and a two-thirds probability that 600 people will die. Which of the two programs would you favor?

”If you’re like most of the doctors who faced this choice, you will avoid program C, the sure option, and gamble with program D, the risky one.

”If you reread the two dilemmas carefully, however, you will notice that the choices are identical… Yet the doctors flipped their preference depending on how the same menu of options was framed. The crucial difference in wording alluded to a difference in metaphors. The people who would be saved after receiving the treatment were construed as a ‘gain’… whereas the people who would die were considered a ’loss’.” - Steven Pinker, “The Stuff of Thought,” circa 2007; p. 243-244.


qetral t1_j60r4v6 wrote

I saw kowtow when I first saw it. Now I want to say ka-pow except with ta-kow the next time I order from there - which will be a long time. Their food is addictive as crack and about as nutritional.


PolMcManus t1_j62ai9u wrote

All of them are wrong except the churro.


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penededios t1_j5xxzze wrote

While the phonetic spelling helps, the pictures do not necessarily portray the actual food being named.


olcrazypete t1_j5z27vs wrote

My favorite dad thing to do is go to the local gringo mexican place and loudly in front of the kids order a Quesadilla - but pronouced more like Quay - sa -diller.


DuncanStrohnd t1_j5zljsr wrote

It’s spelled “Talko”. Just how it sounds. Ask Bubbles.


vinx_finx t1_j5zn3rj wrote

Well how have you been saying it all this time


sorrydave84 t1_j5zxijn wrote

This is why pronunciation guides with anything but IPA always suck. I get what they were going for, but English has too many possible sounds for any given spelling


shadowking1130 t1_j60rjda wrote

I read taco as tachau. There's a joke there, but I think I'm just gunna deny it existed (Just in case, I'm gunna put a /s)


GreasiestBob t1_j61kupu wrote

I already know how to pronounce them but had trouble reading this out


oxmvaxr t1_j61sjw3 wrote

thats all wrong lmao, thats not a taco thats not a chalupa, for sure that's not a gordita and that's not a quesadilla...


fothergillfuckup t1_j62n8sv wrote

Maybe "ta cows" is just the thanks you give for their sacrifice?


mroboto2016 t1_j62nudc wrote

I can't remember what cartoon it was, maybe Family guy or something, where they pronounced it "Tack-o's."