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chickenlittle53 t1_j73sbwt wrote

1 device that is far superior in saving lives > less superior device.

When it comes to saving lives no one cares you brought some super lightweight device with you that won't effect you at all in movement or cause discomfort really. We just care about being able to save pur lives as effectively as possible. No such thong as being ready for everything, but having even better devices to prepare you makes it much more effective and can save even more lives.


Hmm_would_bang t1_j73sljk wrote

Let me phrase it a different way.

For the majority of people that are getting lost on a hike, how many of them do you think are well prepared? How many of them do you think have their cellphone on them?


chickenlittle53 t1_j756bej wrote

Let me also phrase it a different way, for those that are interested in any of this to begin with do you not think they wouldn't want the best chance of survival in caw of emergencies? If this matters to folks then they want the best and can make sense to then get the best instead. Simple really.