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LostCausesEverywhere t1_j6yg0hn wrote

If you are scrolling down the feed and only see the top half of the thumbnail picture, you can see the best viewing angle.


dfields3710 t1_j6ynfra wrote

Thought it was an ass with a thong lol


KnudsonRegime t1_j70evm2 wrote

I thought it was an ass in a thong with Shaun the Sheep going in deep.


harrismdp t1_j70sb8j wrote

It's amazing how we have such ingenious people spending day after day working with millions of dollars in funding to produce solutions to such profound problems.


khyodo t1_j70vl9h wrote

I mean, research and development is good because they’ll eventually trickle down to cheaper products. LCD, LED TVs, OLED all started very expensive.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j714yx7 wrote

For all we know, its probably actually smart technological innovation ruined by shitty marketing execs and their idea of slapping a dragonfly in the description


BezniaAtWork t1_j6yt2rr wrote

Still extremely expensive. My 48C1 has been great, 4K@120Hz and I paid $899 for it. $999 for a 27" QHD is wild, even at 240Hz and OLED.


Jaohni t1_j6zlhkm wrote

I mean, everyone's preferences are different, but IMO bigger isn't always better with displays; if you have the same resolution of display but in two different sizes the smaller of the two will appear brighter and of higher contrast to the eye, and will generally offer a better experience in bright conditions.

Plus, you can just adjust sitting distance to the size of display, so I'm not entirely convinced that displays should be judged that heavily by size, IMO.


LickMyHairyBallSack t1_j6zwpag wrote

bigger is better


[deleted] t1_j700ej3 wrote



asyrin25 t1_j71qfp2 wrote

This isn't a criticism of your comment specifically....but when did "gaming" start to mean competitive shooters?

These days anything that media, social or otherwise, claims is good for "gaming" is talking about Battle Royal 2023: This Time with Jetpacks.

I play cinematic, story-driven single player games and those are video games too.


[deleted] t1_j741kj0 wrote



asyrin25 t1_j7478nb wrote

And as I said, it's not a criticism of your post specifically but the larger idea that "gaming" means competitive FPS.

Big screen monitors are great for story driven games that you play with a mouse and keyboard. See Mass Effect or Horizon Zero Dawn. Or Red Dead 2 which is best (in my experience) with a mouse and keyboard for everything but horse riding where I pick up my controller.


krectus t1_j703z8j wrote

It’s a VERY good price for a 240hz OLED.


iZoooom t1_j70s44v wrote

I have the TV version of the 48” screen. It’s fantastic except for the auto dimming. Been unable to prevent that…


BezniaAtWork t1_j71hsvn wrote

You need to buy the LG service remote. It's about $10 and you can disable the feature. I had to do the same thing because holy hell was that annoying. 7000hrs later and no issues with burn in.

Edit: Here's the fix I posted when I asked about this issue on the oled subreddit:

I was able to fix the issue by purchasing this remote and turning off "TPC Enable" in the Service Menu.

You access the Service Menu by pressing the IN START button on the remote and entering the passcode "0413".


felix_fidelis t1_j71s435 wrote

THIS. This fixed so many issues, especially watching shows like Ozark where my C9 and C1 would make already dark scenes even dimmer and impossible to see. Thank you for sharing, word needs to get out on this.


LingonberryNo5969 t1_j70sccj wrote

As a flagship product probably isn't depending on production cost, will likely gradually go down the next year or two if they can scale it up. maybe the tech can be used for budget monitors that struggle getting brighter than 200nits

On the bright side we should see this tech getting used on top range of Tv's this year and eventually become the mid/low range.


U_Sam t1_j71vamw wrote

I paid $140 for a widescreen 1440p 144hz 27” free sync monitor from a Chinese brand and it’s flawless lol


uiucengineer t1_j71y61j wrote

TVs used to be this expensive and then they got cheap for a while


ChanThe4th t1_j6zpsbc wrote

4k 120 is literally a Walmart special lol

This is an actual high quality TV, not a surveillance tool disguised as a TV.


Astrojef t1_j6zos70 wrote

Fk to the YES!! i have have wanted dragonfly vision my whole life.


SuperSquanch93 t1_j6yskjm wrote

Make it ultrawide and it will be worthwhile.

1k for a 27" screen is a little hard to swallow.


wicktus t1_j6z409u wrote

>LG and partners are preparing to release gaming monitors featuring third-generation OLED panels, later this month

A shame their "new" OLED gaming monitor is still stuck with a 150nit SDR brightness and a horrid matte coating...that's a new generation MLA OLED seriously ?


ironcladtrash t1_j71wg9f wrote

Their new peak brightness is 200 for HDR which is bad even on OLED. If they could apply this new tech’s brightness or close to it, I’d buy these monitors instantly.


Mattcheco t1_j70ynp0 wrote

QD-OLED is the way to go for anything currently


asyrin25 t1_j71qkt3 wrote

No 4K QD-OLED in anything under 55" :(


HuckleSmothered t1_j6zuhbp wrote

And it costs crazy money, and they’ll sell 5


asyrin25 t1_j71qsij wrote

It's $999 for a halo tier gaming monitor.

I remember paying $1500 for my 34" ultrawide back in 2016. Hell, it might have been $2000. The truly expensive gaming monitors push well over $2000 these days.


PagingDrHuman t1_j70mx18 wrote

Where microled? I want true Bezelless monitors.


renb8 t1_j711ln7 wrote

Bit of a smile indicates an endearing humble pride in its great vision. Bravo dragonfly.


Touchit88 t1_j73lj7r wrote

Better than being made with dragoflies.


dingo1018 t1_j7i95t6 wrote

Well I was given a 32" backlit LCD from a budget manufacturer for nothing today because some of the buttons on the remote didn't work. Took 30 seconds to pull it apart and use a disposable spectacle wipe to remove the sticky gunk from the circuit board, so yea free beats better. No way I'm spending second hand motorcycle money on a TV.


1ceUpSon t1_j7jqgin wrote

Dragon fly looks like a nice booty in g string from a far, and up close has killer goggles and a nice beard growing in with a nice little smile


cryptoderpin t1_j70ea5y wrote

LG is trash. Back in 2017 I bought two 4k high end computer monitors that were $1,400 each. Within 3 years I was having issues with both (same models) in the 4th year they both died. Never again with anything LG.


Bojack2016 t1_j70pfaf wrote

I don't usually defend big companies but I'll counter here. I bought a 55" LED smart TV from them when I went to college in 2012. That thing has been moved in the backseat of my truck about 12 times, mounted and removed the same amount with multiple mounts, and has lived outside on my porch for the last year.

It's still going as strong as the day I got it. I partly credit it to the thick aluminum housing that seems bombproof and partly to a thick glass screen, both of which are way thicker than my new OLED LG. It once or twice had a red line one pixel thick down the right third but it came right out of it in a few days. The software hasn't crashed or slowed down, and the outputs and inputs are all still tight.

I've noticed that LG tv's are really different based on what range of quality they fall into. The really good ones are really good and the bad ones are really bad. It seems like they may be cheapening their housings and screens, but the OLED is heavy as hell even with the thinner materials so it may be a needed weight savings and trade off. But so far the G1 I have and the C1 at the office are going strong.


Dumguy1214 t1_j70y2rm wrote

same here

5 years old LG lcd 4k hdr

used as my computer screen with the same picture for 12 hours per day

no burn in and crystal clear picture

I have noticed oled tv shimmer a little with complex 4k vid


jesyvut t1_j6yc7sv wrote

So a basic LED TVs can do 1000 nits and high end ones can do 4000. Viewing angles of 170 degrees are common. What is so spectacular here?


ThisIsSoooStupid t1_j6yh3n1 wrote

"60 percent brighter images and 30 percent wider viewing angles than conventional OLED displays"

I am not asking this sarcastically but Did you just not read that these are OLED? Or do you not think that oleds have any advantage over lcds? Or just don't know that OLED happen to be less brighter than lcds and are relatively a newer tech?


Brocklesocks t1_j6yl8a1 wrote

It's okay to just sell a TV without trying to market it as some huge advancement. These features will immediately forgotten after purchase. I got a Sony TV like 15+ years ago and it's still working great. No need AT ALL for this retina burning btightness, 1000fps crap. That stuff makes the TV hard to look at, IMO.


IlIIlllIIlllllI t1_j6zat7l wrote

“retina burning brightness” is for people using it in a bright room, like an office


Brocklesocks t1_j6zethh wrote

I work in offices and people complain often about the brightness, and end up turning it down because it's overbright and distracting.


Skips-T t1_j6yrldr wrote

That's because the default settings are meant to be eye-catching... at the cost of watchability.

Believe me, this actually does mean something - and something big - for TV/monitor technology.


Brocklesocks t1_j6ywxgo wrote

And that is what?


brunogadaleta t1_j6yoxyo wrote

Truth is flat screens have comparatively worse image quality as what we had with good CRT screens.


dragoonts t1_j6yw8la wrote

Yeah and they are also cheaper, lighter, can be wall mounted, are less likely to create high frequency electrical buzzing noises, can be filmed... The list goes on.

CRTs have certain applications today, yes, consumer TVs is absolutely not one of them


Skips-T t1_j6yrpt6 wrote

Compared to normal LCDs, yes, but a good OLED display narrows that gap incredibly.