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Triiipy_ t1_j76jkfz wrote

Apple loves adding stupid bs stuff to justify the new products.

My iPhone uses a face scanner to unlock and a third of the time it can’t recognize my face and I have to enter a password anyway.

Everyday when I’m driving to or from work my gps is popping up with notifications telling me things I don’t need to know. If I left my house 5 minutes ago I’ll get a notification that I’m 5 minutes from my house.

If I connect to a Bluetooth speaker I’ll get notifications that my “headphones” are too loud and the volume is being lowered.

I miss my old iPhone and I miss being able to plug in wired headphones and not having to carry around a plastic box to keep my headphones charged or risk them falling out at work and getting dirty or lost


MLuka-author t1_j79uwlr wrote

Something is wrong with your iPhone. Mine is spot on with just about everything.

It knows based on car it connects to where I'm going. If it's a my truck it knows I'm going to CVS, tells me how long it will take and after CVS it tells me how long it will take to work.

If I'm in my M4, it knows I'm going to gym or depending on date if I'm going to the park and which one. Gives me notifications.

Know each day when I go to bed, since every day is different.

Mine does not lower headsets or change volume and my face lock works 9/10 times, even with sunglasses and hat.

It's actually kinda creepy that it's so spot on.