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cjblackbird t1_j7hbw1r wrote

I wish this thing would actually deserve the pro name.


RapMastaC1 t1_j7j2vt1 wrote

The new Airs are more powerful than the outgoing pros, crazy stuff that M1 has allowed.


BKachur t1_j7l8v57 wrote

Power has never been the issue. Even the old ipad air is plenty fast to act as a laptop replacement. Its the limitations imposed by ios, which, no matter how hard they try to advertise otherwise, just cannot replace a desktop experience.

I'm a lawyer, so my workflow is pretty simple... lots of emails, research in browser light office use, and adobe acrobat for PDFs. I made the mistake of going out of town for a few days and leaving my laptop at home, and ios was just a nightmare. I was able to scrape by, but it was unbelievable how much shittier the mobile version of everything was. I can't even put a simple jpeg in a signature block. Mobile MS Word couldn't properly load my letterhead without completely fucking up the margins, making it unreadable. Even the "Pro" version acrobat couldn't reorder pages. Just insanity.


SOSpammy t1_j7ldb69 wrote

The iPad really does feel like it could replace your computer 95% of the time. It's that 5% where you run into one of its arbitrary limitations that reminds you of all it's lacking.


BKachur t1_j7lodn6 wrote

Totally... but its worse than that for. It not just that 5% that ends up killing the experience (although it totally does), its that simple shit takes way longer and is way more cumbersome on ios, which really drags down the whole experience to the point I don't want to use it.

For example, I often have to attach pages from documents I reference to the end of a letter. It is a goddamn nightmare to print pages 8-12 of a twenty-page document and then merge that with another or two other pdfs. I tried to do this on my iPad and it took like 20 min of research, 10 min of messing with the os until I finally pulled it off.

In Windows or mac OS, this is a drag-and-drop operation that takes 15 seconds, but with iOS it takes like 10 times longer, even when I know what to do.

IDK... I'm just mad because it could be perfect. A simple dual-boot option would solve all of these problems, and the only reason we don't have it is that apple thinks they can churn 1~2.5k out of you for a MacBook air or pro. I don't even need touch control in Mac OS because the only reason I'm end up booting into mac OS is when I need to get work done, so I'll have a mouse and keyboard handy. Not that I even need a mouse because apple has a touchpad in their overpriced keyboard.

I'm being a broken record here, but the work's already been done... Apple sells a macos laptop that a keyboard, screen, and touch pad. The iPad has a screen, touchpad and keyboard, what the problem here?


SOSpammy t1_j7mnti5 wrote

Apple has kept the iPad limited because they want people to buy both a Mac and an iPad, but with iPad sales declining and Mac sales going up it seems to me they miscalculated. A lot of people were buying iPads despite their limitations because of their speed, battery life, light weight, and great thermals compared to a traditional laptop. But M1 Macbooks basically negated those advantages.


BKachur t1_j7n4dcv wrote

Yea, that's obvious, it's just frustrating because if it was available I'd buy a 13 inch iPad with Mac os in a second... I wouldn't even care how expensive it is. It would instantly become my primary laptop. I tablet mode for consumption and note taking... Mac is for real work it would be prefect.


Throwaway_J7NgP t1_j7meuqp wrote

Except it seems 95% of people find that 5% of use cases.


SOSpammy t1_j7mjz1e wrote

That's what I'm saying. It'll do 95% of what a vast majority of people need a computer to do most of the time. But most people will need their computer do something the iPad won't let them do on that rare occasion, shattering that illusion that it's a full replacement for a computer.