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AadamAtomic t1_j7ju79w wrote

PPI is literally the quality of the display.

Apple displays are not True definition and use software upscaling to make it look good on screen.

This is why iPhone photos look great on other iPhones but look kind of shitty when posted online or viewed on a computer. (Comparatively to other cameras)

This is also why images received from Android users look like shit on iPhone screens, and the iPhone users simply think Android phones send bad photos ironically. Lol


Mattcheco t1_j7ju9oj wrote

It’s pixels per inch. Nothing to do with quality, certain PPI values qualify it as “Retina” for Apple.


AadamAtomic t1_j7juvn5 wrote

>It’s pixels per inch. Nothing to do with quality

My sweet summer child. Play around with the PPI on a computer display, and then come back and tell me it has

>nothing to do with quality.


Mattcheco t1_j7jv03f wrote

PPI is the relationship between resolution and screen size. Nothing to do with quality. This is why a phone or laptop with a 4k screen is ridiculous.


AadamAtomic t1_j7jvb5t wrote

>PPI is the relationship between resolution and screen size.

CORRECT! Together they both make "quality".

This circles back to my previous comment about Apple having weird ass displays and having them downscale their images with the iOS software!

This has been common knowledge for a Long time.


Mattcheco t1_j7jzmj6 wrote

Fidelity is what you’re looking for. Not a fan of Apple but their “weird ass displays” is a feature not a bug. It means you get very acceptable PPI without the bullshit advertising around resolution. See 4k phones etc etc.