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YarrlieThePirate t1_j7lvlfi wrote

Makes me laugh how much Reddit goes on about the “notch” and cameras bugging them, I have never given it an ounce of thought watching videos or anything

Mountains out of molehills in this echo chamber


naman1901 t1_j7m3zwp wrote

I know, right? I look at that portion of screen as extra space for notifications. I'm pretty happy if the video doesn't play in that band.


YarrlieThePirate t1_j7m4abn wrote

Yeah, I’ve gone from a bezel-less massive Samsung with a dot for a camera, to an iPhone SE, and even having huge bezels either side now hasn’t impacted me in the slightest! Like you say it’s notification world up there anyway!

I’ve seen people say it’s annoying during videos? I watch loads of videos on my phone and I’m never so deeply invested that a camera is make or break to the whole experience lol


Mr_Xing t1_j7o5oi5 wrote

It’s literally on the part of the screen where there’s deliberately no content.

95%+ of the time people stare at the center of the display


Zugas t1_j7o5vb0 wrote

I just find it ugly. I’ll live with it on my phone, but will never buy a laptop with one.

A full display phone in the mini size I would probably pay for just because of the looks.


Evantaur t1_j7p6aki wrote

Me neither (ZenFone flip 8 so there's no fucking camera notch)

(Too bad the phone sucks as a phone)


PR623 t1_j7mu78a wrote

It’s never bothered me, ever.


x64bit t1_j7oxjs7 wrote

i hate how the notch looks on phones but it works well in practice because of where the notifications bar is.

macbooks however are starting to implement the notch too. please for the love of god do not put the fucking notch on windows laptops. macbooks have the top taskbar thing so it works but even then it makes it a lot fatter


AC2BHAPPY t1_j7mfiok wrote

For real. I'm actually upset I even clicked this post and wasted time reading about this


RadimentriX t1_j7p1jbv wrote

Well, for strange people who use a phone as their main device for content of all kinds i can see how a hole in said content can be infuriating. For the occasional yt vid i dont see any problem though. I also dont see the problem with thicker bezels either. Or with thicker phones in general.


YarrlieThePirate t1_j7p71pt wrote

I use my phone way more than my PC nowadays and it never bothered me personally


DarkLord55_ t1_j7mar7e wrote

I still prefer the notch over any holepunchs. Holepunchs are just so stupid. That bit above the holepunch has no purpose just attach it to the top and save screen space


YarrlieThePirate t1_j7matvz wrote

I have no idea what the difference is if I’m honest


DarkLord55_ t1_j7mbha7 wrote

Notch = cut out of the display but still attached to the bezel

Hole punch = a circle or pill shape cut out of the display near the top that doesn’t attach to the bezel (IMO is worse than a notch)


YarrlieThePirate t1_j7mbo7g wrote

Oh that’s what my Samsung had , it didn’t bother me at all personally, it does look a little odd though I’ll agree with that side of things


pacwess t1_j7lc0im wrote

Make the dynamic island go away so we can have all screen. Then I may think about upgrading. Until then I'll live with the notch.


JoeSmithDiesAtTheEnd t1_j7lfhaz wrote

Going away would be nice. But dynamic island is way better than the notch. At least that section of the display is usable and functional now.


pacwess t1_j7ln3ww wrote

It's annoying at best.
Although what Apple is pushing for I think is it'll be the dynamic island when needed and full screen when not needed. Therefore we get the best of both.


Tommyblockhead20 t1_j7lzoc6 wrote

Annoying? Maybe compared to having all screen, but I’d definitely agree with the other commenter it’s way better than the notch. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it is simultaneously smaller than the notch, and more useful, since you can click it to easily switch apps.


TheDivineSoul t1_j7m05n0 wrote

I feel like the people saying it’s annoying don’t even have it. I have the 14 pro, it’s not annoying at all.


cereal-kills-me t1_j7myfa8 wrote

It’s “smaller” but it cuts into videos which the notch doesn’t do. It’s lower on the screen than the notch so it interrupts more content than the notch.


Primerius t1_j7n6ehb wrote

I grabbed a 14 pro max earlier this week, and I have yet to see a video that the dynamic island cuts into.


brito892 t1_j7p5hq3 wrote

Take a screenshot in a 14 and then watch it in the 13 and you will notice how much of a screen you are loosing. The dynamic island is much lower (closer to the center of the screen)


nukoruko999 t1_j7ts181 wrote

I have 14 pro and it doesn’t cut into the video unless you do that thing where video stretches to full screen


BlurredSight t1_j7nkcqg wrote

Hell no, it's honestly the best upgrade I did from a pixel > xs > 14 pro. They finally made live notifications better like knowing Im muted on a call because my soundwave isn't changing, or spotify's tap to access, or ubers little car animation.

Sucks when going full screen on a movie but even then I've just blanked it out


D4c4n_ t1_j7mitlf wrote

I honestly prefer the notch over the dynamic island. With the island sitting lower, you lose even more real estate when watching fill screen content


inteliboy t1_j7nwmpo wrote

Huh? It used to be a bezel. That area of the screen now has more functionality than ever.


mikearete t1_j7oi5lf wrote

I kind of love it, but I’m constantly using the music controls/Apple Remote/timer app so I’m probably the ideal use case for it.

And I don’t mind stretching videos to full screen—it’s hardly ever blocking something critical, and the fact that the videos play around it tickles my brain.


thisischemistry t1_j7ngxvr wrote

> At least that section of the display is usable and functional now.

The little useless sliver above the island that only serves to highlight the empty space? I don't know if I agree that it's very functional.


JoeSmithDiesAtTheEnd t1_j7nie19 wrote

I am sure you know what I meant and you're just being pedantic. But if not... The way that the dynamic island feature utilizes the entire upper portion of the screen is better than any previous implementation from Apple (even before the notch was first introduced). It's forced them to make the notifications and features at the top of the screen more useful. The sliver adds nothing, but the overall size of the cutout area when the dynamic island was introduced is a huge improvement over what they were doing before. It's just more aesthetically pleasing in day to day use than it was prior.


thisischemistry t1_j7nj6dt wrote

It's a clever way to try to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, for sure. Personally, I think they should take the extra step of removing that sliver too. All it does is highlight that there's a hole in the display.


djdsf t1_j7n6ho4 wrote

That whole part of the display has always been usable, it's just that they are now finding a use for it.


M0rtyjr t1_j7o10dr wrote

That’s not true. The notch isn’t actually part of the display. It’s just black glass.


djdsf t1_j7s094k wrote

We're talking about current iteration of the Island vs a notch. The whole part around the hole has always been usable


DarkLord55_ t1_j7mayk0 wrote

Notch is 10x better. That but above the holepunch is absolutely pointless. You can have similar features with out the holepunch


lucellent t1_j7lsffq wrote

The Dynamic Island is here to stay. Even if Apple removed all cutouts and hid the cameras and sensors under the display (making it 100% all screen), they will still keep the Dynamic Island in some form.


superbkdk t1_j7ltvft wrote

As someone who has the island its quite nice actually. If anything Id prefer it over the underscreen shit. It needs a lot more apps to use it but it works a lot like alt tabbing or as a mini task bar.


[deleted] t1_j7ly1ro wrote



superbkdk t1_j7lycm0 wrote

I use a pc all the time with a giant unusable bar on the bottom. Sometime function comes before form.


[deleted] t1_j7lyomc wrote



superbkdk t1_j7lzuw4 wrote

Color me pessimistic but underscreen cameras won’t be good for a good while. We will have folding phones that use a back camera before we have good underscreen tech.


Sierra-117- t1_j7mkb8s wrote

Yep there’s no reason to upgrade anymore. My current phone has great battery life, it’s still fast, and the camera is more than good enough. I’ll wait until full screen


Slyrunner t1_j7nkla9 wrote

I just want the terminals from The Expanse 😞


thisischemistry t1_j7ngs6b wrote

Yeah, I find the island so much more distracting than the notch. I'll stick with my current phone until the island goes away.


Wayed96 t1_j7ozbvk wrote

I'm sticking with my OP 7T pro with retractable camera until the hole punch/notch are history


cjc323 t1_j7m997w wrote

i love my underscreen touchid i've had on my samsung for about 4 years now, works great.


lol_roast_me t1_j7minzq wrote

Literally. When I reach for my phone in my pocket, my thumb goes to the underscreen fingerprint reader and by the time my phone is out, my phone is unlocked.

No waiting for faceid to recognize and no repositioning of my hand. Just boom, unlocked. Not that faceid is bad or anything, fingerprint reader is just more convenient imo


microfsxpilot t1_j7n4yiu wrote

Careful. Reddit is filled with FaceID fanboys that will defend it to the grave. I’ve gotten downvoted to hell for criticizing it.

I just wish Apple would give us both. I routinely wear a headset and sunglasses at work and faceid refuses to work. At night/morning time, my double chin is so prominent, faceid refuses to work. But my finger would work 95% of the time


lol_roast_me t1_j7n585b wrote

Yeah they literally have the technology to do both idk why they haven't. Even if it was just in the pro models, I feel like that could inclinate people to buying it alone.


Weak_Antelope_2914 t1_j7o8kx5 wrote

I setup alternate appearance in the settings with all my disguises.


microfsxpilot t1_j7o967f wrote

Would just be easy if they let us use our fingerprint. My $200 Android unlocks so much faster than my $1100 iPhone because it has a finger print scanner I can press while my phone is still in my pocket


EmpatheticRock t1_j7w1wjh wrote

Maybe you should do a rescan. I've never had an issue with FaveID on my 14 pro with sunglasses, headsets, hats, n95 masks.


microfsxpilot t1_j7wba38 wrote

Could be worth a shot. It struggles when I’m flying with a headset on, mic in front of my lips, and sunglasses


Blaaa5 t1_j84uu04 wrote

I also have a 14 pro but at night in bed, the faceid has trouble unlocking and most of the time I have to type in my passcode. I wish we’d get both options, at least for the pro series.


EmpatheticRock t1_j868y7t wrote

Add another FaceID scan in the dark. I've never had an issue, even when taking my 14 Pro Max off the magsafe stand at weird angles in the dark it's already unlocked before I can even notice.


cjc323 t1_j7p35jq wrote

my samsung has had both for years also.


SandstormMZ t1_j7sgx73 wrote

Not exactly related but I've got a Huawei mate 30 Pro and it has both of them. It is so convenient to use (if you are willing to sideload Google and stuff) as it has proper face id too (unlike Samsung) and an optical fingerprint sensor.


microfsxpilot t1_j7sjc5d wrote

I would love a Huawei phone honestly


SandstormMZ t1_j7thsbn wrote

I'd say go for it if you don't care about messing around with it, any of the mate xx pro will have face id and optical sensor. Mate 50 pro is amazing but it's also pretty expensive for the cost of messing around.


throwawaynerp t1_j7qo5ry wrote

It's ownership. FaceID is Apple's way of doing it. You're on an Apple device. You're an Apple user. It's a whole identity. I got those vibes on the 4S when they were cracking down hard on jailbreaking and introduced stuff in hardware to make it near impossible. I jumped ship, never looked back. You want to have that kind of attitude as a company and I've got no use for you.


redsterXVI t1_j7or5oe wrote

The only time it's inconvenient is when you're wearing gloves. But in many situations where you're wearing gloves you're also wearing things on/around your face that will make face ID fail, so same same.


orincoro t1_j7zl8hh wrote

FaceID was fucking horrible during COVID.


presonphillips t1_j7p6trc wrote

What do you do with all the extra time you save from not waiting for face id to unlock your phone?


ca2mt t1_j7t5nx9 wrote

“Many small time make big time” -Kevin Malone


Rol3ino t1_j7mqq87 wrote

Face ID is instant though. Plus you don’t have to do anything for it, so id say it’s more convenient.


Genshi731 t1_j7mucsl wrote

For the fingerprint reader I just grab my phone. I don't do anything extra either. And it doesn't have to be pointed at me to unlock


danielv123 t1_j7on9x4 wrote

Well, no. By definition it has to see your face. If it can see your face you can see it first, and at that point it isn't unlocked. By default you also have to swipe up after unlocking. That is even more work.

One common use case for me is handing it to my passenger while driving. Face id would require me to put it in my fov, which counts as distracted driving. With touchid it unlocks as I slide it out of my pocket.


Daikon1337 t1_j7minb1 wrote

Same here, also a tiny unnoticeable hole for the camera and an Alway-on Display.


[deleted] t1_j8ctid7 wrote



Daikon1337 t1_j8cu3di wrote

Don't you say! On pro and pro max (i.e. elitist premium bullshit), presented only for latest generation? What a breakthrough!

Meanwhile Samsung did it like 5 years ago. And Apple could do it earlier, the only requirement is the OLED screen itself.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j7oybj3 wrote

People really dont know how much better Samsung UltraSonic fingerprint scanners are until you try a OnePlus/Moto/Nokia phone with an Optical Fingerprint Scanner. They legit blind you for a quick second before unlocking in the dark


cjc323 t1_j7p38qr wrote

typing from the dark right now!


rogerflog t1_j7mt6kw wrote

13 Pro Max here.

I’m not interested in the Dynamic Island.

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Then handed over to the Apple Megamarketing Department so that they could squeeze every drop of sweet money out of those lines of code.

Notch is much less noticeable in landscape. I imagine the Dynamic Island notifications in landscape would just take up more space (or be locked in portrait orientation) and annoy the crap out of me.


FILTER_OUT_T_D t1_j7otgkw wrote

Even the name “dynamic island” is stupid. Its main use is to display alerts. Call it “alert port” or something that’s actually descriptive of what it is.


gravitywind1012 t1_j7nn72d wrote

Hasn’t Samsung had this tech for years now?


skyeyemx t1_j7o93hk wrote

Pretty much how this usually goes. Samsung invents something, works out the kinks, then a few years down the line Apple uses it and markets it as if they made it. And then people flock to it. OLEDs, minimized bezels, variable refresh rates, and so much more.


rpkarma t1_j7oeyv5 wrote

Yeah like 60GB of bloatware lol


SpecialNose9325 t1_j7oyjbk wrote

I get that the ars technica article said that, but kinda odd that they provided no screenshots and no other source has said the same thing. Im starting to get skeptical about there being only one unverified source for this.


rpkarma t1_j7p33f0 wrote

I mean I personally hope it’s bullshit, as that’s ridiculous. Or that if it is true, that the pressure from the media gets Samsung to trim it down.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j7p4f1g wrote

I wouldnt put it past Samsung to screw up like that, but they do often fix stuff if they get backlash. Id assume people with 128gb phones will be the loudest criticism.


shipmaster1995 t1_j9nsp08 wrote

Just scrolling and know this is an old thread, but that ars article was proven to be wrong. The actual OS system only takes 12.5 gigs because of the way that Samsung calculates storage uses by default (it counts all apps as 'system' for some reason)


Ricky_Rollin t1_j7o9wp4 wrote

Swiping on text. Ignoring phone calls but still being able to access your phone.

Apples gonna start making folding screens too and people will forget that Samsung pioneered it.


AceMKV t1_j7oda5c wrote

Samsung is still the only one using ultrasonic fingerprint sensors so I can't wait till apple brings back touch id with those sensors and calls it innovative


Radoasted t1_j7x7ddu wrote

You’re looking at it wrong. You don’t want a fingerprint scanner or a facial scan. What you actually want is simple - authentication that you are using the device, not someone else. You want high security with low friction. Without debating which one is actually more secure tech, let’s just agree that either one is sufficient, which means one of them is redundant. You can either give consumers the choice like Samsung and include both fingerprint and facial scans, OR you can make the decision for them like Apple did and leverage what’s already in the device - a front camera.

Both answers are acceptable, and really illustrates the design ideology between each company. They both have their place in the world.


Radoasted t1_j7x4w8m wrote

The spirit of what you said holds some truth, but not only did you not actually name anything, but I’m not sure you know how patents work.

First, Kodak invented OLED. Not only did Apple not ever claim they invented it, but they literally use Samsung for a majority of the panels.

Second, you don’t “invent” minimal bezels or variable refresh rates, you patent a technique to achieve it.

A more accurate statement would be “Apple needs to make money, so they either wait for markets to mature, or they firmly plant their feet on how they see the future. Their are numerous examples of both.

Apple didn’t invent the desktop metaphor, but they were first to market with a consumer application because Jobs famously saw it and had an epiphany.

Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player, but the iPod put everything else to shame.

Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, or multitouch, but once the iPhone came out it clearly set a new standard forcing Google to quickly buy a little company at the time called Android.


SUPRVLLAN OP t1_j7pat1o wrote

Samsung doesn’t use the same tech that Face ID uses.


DaBIGmeow888 t1_j7n1qcq wrote

Androids are so far ahead of iPhones in terms of screen tech.


Radoasted t1_j7xadmn wrote

It might seem petty, but I feel the need to clarify that Android is software, and this article is regarding hardware. I know you’re using it as a general term to include everyone that’s not Apple, but Samsung, ZTE, Oppo, and Vivo are drastically different companies. Lumping them together is disingenuous.

The tech behind putting a camera underneath a screen is still a compromise. Either the pictures look foggy, or the pixels above the cameras stick out.

Apple will do what they always do and that’s wait until the tech is good enough that it doesn’t come at a compromise. It’s the same thing with foldable screens. Apple will wait until they can do it without a crease.


Bibileiver t1_j7nf25y wrote

No android phone has that kind of tech yet. Only cameras. This is for more than that.


Radoasted t1_j7xatm8 wrote

Lol you couldn’t be more right, the downvotes you’re getting is just the usual Apple hate. I can only imagine the engineering benefits of getting all the sensors in one place on the board instead of what I can only assume the current approach is - wherever they can fit them.


Buditastic t1_j7njdd9 wrote

I just want another phone like the Oneplus 7 Pro, but with a non curved screen so I don't have to fix the 6 spelling mistakes I made from phantom touches while making this comment.


Starilae t1_j7mis4t wrote

Dynamic island, the new way to say "ugly"


philnolan3d t1_j7oiwx8 wrote

Doesn't really sound that impressive.


emretheripper t1_j7owmcs wrote

Love my Z Fold 3 with under display camera.


hulagway t1_j7nlfus wrote

Make it a punchole and call it… the greatest iPhoyn ever.


MrMunday t1_j7pd405 wrote

The notch is only there if you look at it. When I’m using my phone, I never even realize it’s there. Unless there’s some older game that I play that hasn’t optimized for it yet


TrippySubie t1_j7qjlqg wrote

“My samsung had this for 7 years now”

Thats fantastic, but no one asked lmfao


Upper_Decision_5959 t1_j7rhy8q wrote

Hopefully one day we'll get iPhone to look like the current iPad Pro's but will a smaller bezel size.


bunoso t1_j7p1g06 wrote

I just upgraded to the dynamic island from the notch because of some phone damage. I do admit, I like the island more because of the notifications, lights, and things that is tops with it. It seems to use its real estate on the screen much better than the notch.


routerg0d t1_j7mkmpc wrote

The island and notch are eyesores when watching videos. It’s like a dead pixel you can’t not stare at it.


LORD_CMDR_INTERNET t1_j7n4thi wrote

…Said no one ever that actually uses an iPhone. 16:9 content doesn’t stretch anywhere near that width. Even the widest cinema formats don’t touch it. And if for whatever reason you zoomed wayyyyy in to fill the screen (you would never do this), your brain tunes it out instantaneously.


cmVkZGl0 t1_j7mrxcb wrote

Your video players are supposed to be smart enough to have an option to extend just to beginning of them


[deleted] t1_j7obdol wrote



jl_23 t1_j7pds5i wrote

Very few people who’ve actually used a notched iPhone would think that it’s a valid criticism. Considering the video doesn’t have to extend to the notch, and it would show up as a slim black bar anyways so I’m not sure what the problem is exactly.


NotOsama123 t1_j7slh3p wrote

It's a design critique... Not sure what the problem is with having different tastes exactly.


The_Troyminator t1_j807582 wrote

It's a critique based off conjecture and not actual use. It's like leaving a negative review of a recipe based purely off what you think is going to taste like without actually making it.

I have an Android phone, but while it was at Samsung being fixed, I used an iPhone. The dynamic island doesn't interfere with videos anymore than any other punch hole or notch on any other phone.


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7l9n1b wrote

I love how we're all just supposed to know wtf Dynamic Island is. I read the article and I'm still not sure.

Best guess: marketing fluff


pacwess t1_j7lbtx5 wrote

You obviously don't have an iPhone 14 Pro.


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7lly4x wrote

What gave it away? That I didn't feel the need to tell you what device I'm using because I think it's a status symbol?


paxfuturus t1_j7lo4ck wrote

Username. It was the username that gave it away.


SRVisGod24 t1_j7m5ywh wrote

That has to be the worst troll attempt I've seen on here in a while lol


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7mkgri wrote

Like I told the other idiot, androids existed long before mobile OS's were a thing. Great Ted talk.


[deleted] t1_j7xbe20 wrote



UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7y05v5 wrote

I think you may have mistaken what you read there. The idea of androids has been around since the 1800 in sci-fi. If you thought I was trying to say Android, the mobile OS, has been around long before mobile OS's you might be daft.


paxfuturus t1_j7n89mz wrote

Dang bro, don't be so butt hurt, just a friendly joke.


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7nqk0a wrote

You're right, I definitely overreacted to your comment. I honestly am not sure what I was thinking.


Pubelication t1_j7lxlt7 wrote

The article is on a website meant for Apple fans, it literally has "mac" in its name, yet you got outraged anyways.


Panda530 t1_j7mcb98 wrote

Apple haters are worse than Apple fanboys. Haters know just enough about electronics to know that apple is overpriced performance wise in certain areas, if they took the time and learned more they would release that quality actually costs money to produce and the price difference has to do with quality. If I’m building a pc, I’m going to spend a solid $200-$300 for a better case, cpu cooler, and fans. Why? Because the quality of a nice and good looking case along with quite fans is worth it for my needs. Why should I put that money into a better cpu or gpu when I don’t actually need it. If I’m getting 100+ fps on the games I play 99% of the time, do I REALLY need to spend an extra $200-$300 on an increase of 20fps when I literally won’t even notice unless I do a side to side comparison and actually pay attention? No, I don’t. What I will notice though is an ugly, low quality, and loud pc.

Apple chooses to allocate their production costs into a different field than other electronics companies. Your average computer user is not a gamer, so why would apple need to satisfy them? Why would they make a macbook air for example that is capable of playing video games, but not being as nice to the touch as it currently is? You think Samantha who is a 20 year old uni student gives a crap if her laptop can play red dead redemption at 60fps 1080p on medium settings? Of course not. What she cares about is how pretty the screen is, how nice the keyboard feels, how pretty it is, and if she can stream the bachelor.

I’m a pc guy and a gamer, but have a macbook for when I’m coding. Why? Firstly, it’s my favorite laptop keyboard and that’s the most important thing since I will literally be using it to type. Secondly, great battery life. Third, it has a nice screen which is super important when it comes to reading. Lastly, it feels nice to the touch. I don’t give a shit if I can’t play rust on it. However, apple haters will be like “ugh what a shit, overpriced laptop. I could spend the same amount for something that CAN play rust.” Sure, I could too. The keyboard will be shit though and bend because of cost cutting materials they use aka lots of plastic so I won’t enjoy typing on it. The screen will be 1080p (bc budget gaming laptop) with a shit panel that has terrible color saturation, contrast, and viewing angles, making reading small words annoying, but it doesn’t matter because it has a 144Hz screen so I can play my favorite fps smoothly. Lastly, I’d be lucky if I get 3hrs on a single charge when new, let’s not even consider how long the battery life will be in 2yrs time. However, it can play rust so you know… great fucking laptop.

I know I didn’t even touch on phones, but it’s the same exact thing. I have an iphone 14 pro. Why do I have an iphone 14 pro? Because I had a trip coming up in a month, old phone was on its last leg, my phone provider had a great deal where I could get a brand new 14 pro max for $300. All I wanted was a phone with a great camera. That’s it. Just wanted the best phone camera I could get. I payed $300 for the best portable camera for my upcoming trip to see my grandma and take nice photos with her before she dies since she’s 93 and in declining health. 10 years from now when I look at the last pictures of us, I’m not going to be bothered that I couldn’t get a bootleg app from the android store because I got an iphone. No, I’m going to be looking at that crystal clear and beautiful picture and reminisce back at that moment with my precious grandma.

Apple haters and Apple fanboys need to realize that there’s no “best”, it comes down to the individual use case. What’s important to you, might not even be blip on another person’s radar and vice versa.


skyeyemx t1_j7o8r64 wrote

Nice completely unprovoked rant you did just there.


Radoasted t1_j7xboe4 wrote

Here is what I tell people “A lot people call Apple a “walled off garden” and let me tell you - it’s a nice fuckin garden.”


BeamImpact t1_j7mfeji wrote

Wow, what a rant out of nowhere!

You act like there aren't any Windows based laptops that have the same build quality, or aren't equally nice to the touch. And if you wanted to get the best camera on the phone market right now then the 14 Pro Max is not the pick you think it is.


Panda530 t1_j7mhr34 wrote

Yeah, wasn’t expecting to type that much lol. From the laptops I’ve come in contact with, none are as good as Apple quality wise and the few that are close (razor laptops) are even pricier because you’re paying for performance and quality. For $300 the iPhone pro max was the best option.


jl_23 t1_j7pdad6 wrote

I have yet to use a laptop that has even a fraction as good a trackpad than a MacBook


abusivecat t1_j7lvuwf wrote

Troll? Your username literally says android you simp.


UnadvertisedAndroid t1_j7mk9i1 wrote

Fun fact: Androids existed before mobile operating systems.


BiHGamer t1_j7mfevw wrote

Animations to make a hole punch display seem more meaningful.


piratensendr t1_j7l99ue wrote

Still no battery percentage and few notification icons


galactica_pegasus t1_j7lhjn1 wrote

You can enable battery percentage, already.

Settings > Battery, then turn on Battery Percentage


lucellent t1_j7lsluc wrote

Having notification icons like on Android will make the top portion of the screen very messy... no thanks, I like how it's clear and minimal right now