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Radoasted t1_j7x4w8m wrote

The spirit of what you said holds some truth, but not only did you not actually name anything, but I’m not sure you know how patents work.

First, Kodak invented OLED. Not only did Apple not ever claim they invented it, but they literally use Samsung for a majority of the panels.

Second, you don’t “invent” minimal bezels or variable refresh rates, you patent a technique to achieve it.

A more accurate statement would be “Apple needs to make money, so they either wait for markets to mature, or they firmly plant their feet on how they see the future. Their are numerous examples of both.

Apple didn’t invent the desktop metaphor, but they were first to market with a consumer application because Jobs famously saw it and had an epiphany.

Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player, but the iPod put everything else to shame.

Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, or multitouch, but once the iPhone came out it clearly set a new standard forcing Google to quickly buy a little company at the time called Android.