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poboy975 t1_j7sbm5p wrote

I've been running Linux full time for quite a few years now, and i have a 512gb Steam Deck. In my experience, 80% of my library just works without tweaking due to proton. Maybe 15% requires minor tweaking, easily found instructions for online, the last 5% either requires major tweaking or just flat out doesn't run. Most of those don't run very well on windows either due to bad optimisations.

Linux isn't difficult, it just takes some patience to learn. Most things now don't need command line interface to do, but it doesn't hurt to learn the basics.


scootunit t1_j7sm4t8 wrote

Can it run vcv rack?


poboy975 t1_j7stitx wrote

I don't know, that's not one I've tried honestly. A quick Google search says there is a Linux version though, so it should.


mrforrest t1_j7tvnjr wrote

Oh fuck that is a use case I hadn't considered