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Poyojo t1_j7svnrq wrote

I've never used Linux in my life, but having spent time with my Deck, I can say that given more compatibility with games, I may just eventually want Linux to be my main computer's OS. I just love how customizable and unobtrusive everything has been. Windows, on the other hand, drives me nuts in some new way every single day.


SuicidalChair t1_j7sy5mj wrote

Sorry, we moved your nuts to a sub-context menu so it's harder to drive them now - Windows


Poyojo t1_j7syhkl wrote

Yo! Welcome back to Windows! Everything is different now, there are ads in places you didn't expect, and we reinstalled Microsoft Edge for you since it seems you accidentally uninstalled it. No worries; happens all the time. So would you like to upgrade to Windows 11 right now or like.. later today?


Shotgun5250 t1_j7vw64e wrote

I can’t even uninstall edge. It’s hard coded into my OS and won’t allow me to uninstall it. I just hid it away in the depths of my files, never to be seen again.


King_Tamino t1_j7wlc3x wrote

Not much different to IE. IE was/is as hardcoded into the OS like file explorer itself.


ickarous t1_j7vz52k wrote

JFC, everytime I setup a new user and accidentally click Edge instead of Chrome. Edge then holds you hostage until you tell it multiple times that no I dont want to login, I just want to close this BS and open Chrome.


noeagle77 t1_j7u8n1d wrote

“You don’t meet the minimum requirements for your nuts to be updated”



bolderdash t1_j7vye4c wrote

This is the game changer. A fully supported OS that's built to run games across the board, has been optimized for performance (because it had to be), that also gives gamers a system capable of providing the customization and modding options that come with Linux - and it's not Microsoft or Apple.

I like my computer, and Windows 10 is great, don't get me wrong; but now I have the option to customize my OS without Microsoft BS interference, AND IT CAN RUN ALL MY GAMES OUT OF THE BOX. Sign me the fuck up.


King_Tamino t1_j7wl0sw wrote

Absolutely hardcore Windows Fan but damn even I’m tired. The amount of Win11 un-installs had to do for family… the work that goes into keeping our servers running.

Their announcement back then to not release Win11 made me cheer since it significantly could reduce permanently effort when it comes to helping end-users. Instead we now get Win11 AND the Win Server Version after 2022 "will be closer to Win11“

I’m at a point where I gladly would support switching most of our systems but windows dependencies especially in businarea is just so brutal..


kaskoosek t1_j7vg1bq wrote

Installing and unistalling on unix is unsafe for beginners.

Tread the terminal with caution.

I usually dont touch my core environment, but use virtual vms in case i wanna develop some stuff.


aDDnTN t1_j7ubtce wrote

you definitely have used linux in your life.

have you ever used an atm? ever used a self-checkout? every looked at a live menu screen?

your smart phone uses a linux based os. playstation OS is linux.

if you ever used an electronic interface that had to be reliable, it was most likely linux based.

ever used a home wifi router? nas? a media player? your smart TV apps? all have OS based on linux.


Poyojo t1_j7ubz9q wrote

Sorry, what I really meant to say was "I've never used Linux as the primary OS on my home computer in my life"


aDDnTN t1_j7ud5f3 wrote

me neither! but i have 3 libreelec +kodi media players, a rasbian server, pihole, and a gameboy shaped emulator kit, all running linux.

i have to use guides while i'm working on things to explain how. i'm practically stumbling in the dark and have no idea if what i'm doing is right, but i'm trying to learn.


3dforlife t1_j7w7siw wrote

The atms, at least in Portugal, are driven by windows XP.


barfplanet t1_j7xy243 wrote

Just to be a know-it-all, the playstation OS is built on freeBSD.


3dforlife t1_j7w7zfc wrote

The Switch is the most reliable electronics I have. Is it OS based on Linux?


aDDnTN t1_j7wig0a wrote

it's running on a tegra so probably, let's check the wiki.

> Proprietary OS, derivative of Nintendo 3DS system software (partially Unix-like via certain components which are based on FreeBSD and Android)

probably depends on if you consider "unix-like" to be different from "linux-like".


barfplanet t1_j7xygo5 wrote

The Switch OS is really not linux-based at all. It uses a pretty unique micro-kernel instead of Linux. It does have similar (unix-like) architecture, but pretty much every OS other than Windows also does.