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PC-hris t1_j7t25jf wrote

I’ve tried using HoloISO but it didn’t really work out. I only have Nvidia graphics cards


TONKAHANAH t1_j7t3gzb wrote

yeah as it stands a lot of SteamOS relies on having AMD graphical chipsets to work properly which makes me think a standard ISO isnt gonna happen any time soon.


PC-hris t1_j7vupz4 wrote

They did say they plan to make a general use version of the os. Hopefully they do it soon


TONKAHANAH t1_j7w9eee wrote

Yeah but that was a long time ago and they've not made a single mention of it since.

I was expecting them to do this before updating big picture mode cuz that didn't seem like a high priority yet here we are.

Suppose maintaining a whole os for various hardware is more complicated though. Would be nice to hear if they've put any work into it.