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roguebananah t1_j7tplrs wrote

I’m on 10 and I know at some point I’ll need to move to 11 and I have zero interest in it.

More bloat, more privacy violations, more bullshit Microsoft changed that never needed to be changed in the first place. Start menu, control panel is gonna be fucked and all.

Search I’m sure will still suck


OPsButthole6969 t1_j7tvp97 wrote

Have you tried the Everything app for PC that makes search way better?


roguebananah t1_j7u7ecg wrote

I have not! What is it? Hopefully like MacOS’s search?


OPsButthole6969 t1_j7uf33y wrote

Pretty much makes search instant and perfect. It will index the entire PC and when you search it's instant and looks for everything!


killiandw t1_j7xai8o wrote

Come to Linux I just made the switch. Using PopOS


roguebananah t1_j7xo6sr wrote

I’ve used Linux before (Mainly Ubuntu and Mint back about 10 years ago) and thought about it again but being a new Dad I just don’t have time to play around with getting configuration set up and all. Maybe again one day.

I’ll say a massive help to my gripes with Windows 10’s nonsense was a Powershell script that uninstalled a ton of bloat and allows you to uninstall stuff like Candy Crush and the Xbox app.

Wild how much trash it threw out


killiandw t1_j7z8yfy wrote

Oh no you removed candy crush. In my opinion the only games that should come with windows is solitaire , minesweeper, and that ski game from windows 3.1.

I totally get it I have a 2 year old. But I have to say the guys at system 76 made it out of the box ready and steam makes it so easy.


roguebananah t1_j7zokfz wrote

Any non-DLC or upselling type of game I have no issue with.